Oh my Deer Garden

20160425_122116We had to add some shiny stuff to our garden.
IMG_8570The other night a deer paid a visit to our garden and bit off one of our Mr Stripey tomato plants (and left it’s hoof prints as evidence) IMG_8568

IMG_8566and then the deer pulled our other Mr. Stripey tomato plant completely out of the ground. Fortunately the deer didn’t bother the other tomato plants or visit the chard rows. We put up a few pans and pin wheels. Hopefully they’ll deter the deer for awhile.IMG_8628

Wishing you all a beautiful week!
Happy Gardening!gardeningcouple


7 thoughts on “Oh my Deer Garden

  1. Have you researched natural ingredient deer repellents: eggs,cayenne pepper, dish detergent, garlic cloves? I don’t know if that would be okay to use for food plants: I’m thinking about concocting some for my flowers!

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    • Hi Dianna
      No I haven’t researched deer repellents. I hadn’t thought past shiny pans and pin wheels since that’s what I see alot of gardeners around here use. I may be looking up some heavy duty repellents if the herd is very big this year.
      If you find something that works, I hope you’ll share the recipe on your blog. Deer and wildlife pose quite a problem for a lot folks.

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    • Hi Sheryl
      I hear you and feel for you. The rabbits ate my tulips down to the ground every year until my tulips stopped coming back at all. I have one tulip hiding behind a day-lily that somehow managed to survive but it rarely blooms. We love watching deer and don’t mind sharing the garden with them after harvest. But in these early stages of gardening the deer can be quite a problem. Hopefully we can get a nice amount of produce out the garden and have enough left over for the deer too. 🙂


  2. That still looks like a lot of garden to tend, E.C. I see the deer’s tending to it isn’t to your liking! Those incriminating hoof marks give them away! I’ll be back to visit, soon I hope. I still have lots of your posts to read. We have family coming from out of town this weekend. I’ll see you soon as I can!


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