Black Swallowtail Butterfly Egg, 1st tomato & bell pepper, squash and corn

We made a fennel bed Black Swallowtail Butterfly nursery. I planted parsley and carrots in it because they also like to use it for a nursery too. We put it out near the woods and hopefully far enough from our backporch that the caterpillars will go to the woods to chrysalis.
We’ve anxiously waited for the butterflies to use the fennel bed and we worried that they hadn’t yet.
However Friday I checked the bed and I’m happy to say that there are several Black Swallowtail Butterfly eggs scattered about on the fennel. ~happy dance~We harvested our first tomato and first bell pepper out of the garden. For us, it’s fun harvesting our veggies. We harvested a dozen yellow squash too.Our corn is standing strong and silking beautifully. Hopefully, we’ll have a nice harvest of peaches and cream corn this year.The rains have been a blessing, but I’m glad the forecast is clear for the next few days.

Here’s wishing you all a great rest of the weekend.



11 thoughts on “Black Swallowtail Butterfly Egg, 1st tomato & bell pepper, squash and corn

  1. I have yet to see a black swallowtail this summer. Yellow but not black. After having read about your success with fennel last year, I had intended to plant some in my garden this year, but didn’t get it done. Your veggies look yummy!

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    • Thanks Mary
      Don’t you just love fresh homegrown veggies. Truly mighty tasty.
      You sound like me. This morning I told my husband that next year I wanted to plant more pepper plants. Here I am planning next year and this season just started. That’s one of the fun parts of gardening always planning and learning. 😀


  2. I’ve scarcely seen any butterflies at all this year so far. I am hoping that maybe next year I can get my yard fenced (would love to do that this year but I am not going to be able to get it done this year for sure and honestly even next year is not likely) and then I can take care of some other yard work that needs done so that I can build a couple little nesting areas for the butterflies such as you have. Not likely I will be able to get to it next year but that’s what I’ll hope for anyway!

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    • Hi CW
      We’re just now seeing more than a few butterflies. It sounds like you’ve got some good plans in the making. The butterflies will have wonderful homes when you get your yard in order like you planned. 😀


  3. the veggies you grow! WOW! I am jealous! I never have had luck with squash, and the last time I tried tomotoes, I didn’t plant marigolds, so they got decimated by those ugly horned caterpillars. I intended to put more in this year but never got around to getting the plants. This year it is just asparagus, garlic, lettuce and carrots. so far, so good. The garlic experiment continues to work!

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    • Thanks so much SalPal
      We get a few of the horned caterpillars, but it’s ind of rare to have more than a couple. Thankfully they’re easy to pick off and do away with. Squash is one of my favorite veggies (or fruit) to grow. Unfortunately, the squash vine borers usually destroy my crops. But for awhile we have good luck. Your garden sounds like a delicious salad patch. It’s a fine thing you’ve discovered with the garlic. Well done. 😀

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      • Last time I grew tomatoes I found four of the beasts and they decimated the plants! I will never again skip the marigolds! And I need to plant garlic in with the flowers too. Something eats my zinnias in the evenings. Sigh.


    • Thanks so much Dianna
      I wondered how your squash was doing. I’ve read that container gardening is a good way to grow squash. I hope your squash takes off and grows you several “messes.” 😀


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