Friday in Green

P1010082bThis is a little bunny that hangs out near the garden. It’s growing quite fast. I figure the pin wheels and pie pans are the only things keeping it out of the garden. Thank goodness there’s lots of nice clover and grass in the yard for it to feed on.

P1000985The honeysuckle vines are blooming. The air is very sweet & aromatic right now.

P1010225I saw this pretty little wild strawberry growing in a day-lily. I’ve never eaten a wild strawberry.  I like seeing them and think they’re charming.
P1000574This funny looking orange fuzzy ball growing in a cedar tree is called ‘cedar-apple rust’. It’s a strange part of a disease that requires two hosts, a cedar or juniper tree and an apple tree, for the disease to complete it’s cycle and cause damage. It releases spores that infect apple trees and ruin the crop. Fortunately, we don’t have any apple trees to worry about.

P1010541It’s the sad end of the season for the beautiful peony blooms. They’re on their way to the long winters rest.

P1010568My first squash bloom bud and it’s a female. Hopefully, It won’t be long until we’ll get to try these new variety of squash.

P1010321This photo is a teaser for an upcoming post on our new project.gardeningcouple

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


12 thoughts on “Friday in Green

  1. Sweet bunny picture. They are like deer: so beautiful to look at, but so damaging to our crops/flowers. I always smile when I see a wild strawberry,too, but I don’t care for “tame” ones, so I won’t be trying a wild one! Yay for the squash blossom – maybe this summer I will fry some yellow “crooknecks” with onions in bacon grease, and scorch them to the bottom of the pan. YUM!

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    • Thanks Dianna
      The bunnies and deer look so innocent and yet I agree they are destructive. It’s quite a challenge to want to enjoy observing them and also wanting to have crops/flowers.
      It’s been a long time since I had squash fried the old very tasty ways. If you fry you up a batch of them take photos and make a post so through it I can vicariously enjoy them too. 😉

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    • Hi Sheryl
      Thanks for sharing that beautiful and tasty memory of wild strawberries. I love reminiscing about stuff that, for a moment, takes me back to happy days from the past. 🙂


  2. Cedar apple rust is something else I’ve never heard of. I have a wild strawberry that grows in the edge of the landscaping, right next to where we keep the hose. I leave the berry (or two) for our feathered friends. Love that bunny!

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    • Hi Patti
      I didn’t know what Cedar apple rust was until this year. It’s a creepy disease, but good that it stays in check without a second host.
      I leave the strawberries for the birds or bugs or whatever eats them. They are pretty though.
      The bunny is so cute but it’s growing fast and we figure if it stays around that it will multiply and eat our garden up. But meanwhile, it’s a fun subject to take pictures of. 🙂

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