Happy Memorial Day 2016!


I give a heart felt Salute of gratitude to
all veterans & troops past & present
for all they’ve sacrificed for us,
and for the security & liberty that
they continue to give to us.
I also give a special Salute of gratitude to
their families who sacrifice much more
heart & support for us than we realize.
Wishing everyone a Pleasant
& Safe Memorial Day!



8 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day 2016!

  1. Just wanted to say, I love the rain chain; I’ve never seen one before but it’s so cute! Been looking at your Crafts and Hobbies catagory but couldn’t see how to like when going to them that way. Your wee dog is very cute too!


    • Thanks so much Lifewithwhimsyblog
      I think rain chains are charming. Mine doesn’t work right hanging on a shepherds hook, but I love the look of it in my gnome garden.
      Unfortunately, I think this blog theme makes it so the post has to be open to Like or Comment on it. Sorry about that.
      Sheli loves compliments. He sends a sincere “Thank you” to you.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a happy comment and sweet compliments.

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