6 thoughts on “WildLife Wednesday – Crane fly

    • Thanks Nadine,
      The funny thing is, for this post I decided to look up their real name. We always called them gallynappers, but apparently we are the only ones because on the internet folks refer to them as gallynippers. Crazy stuff. lol I was happy to learn and share their real name. 🙂


  1. Great photo, E.C. I love peonies, but have never had much luck with them. We are getting April showers, so maybe there will be lots of May flowers. However, March winds are still persisting into this month.

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    • Thanks Mary
      I rescued these peonies around 20 years ago. They were in a gravel drive circle that was fixing to be concreted over. I’ve moved them to two different homes since then. Sometimes they do beautiful and sometimes, like this year the blooms are sparse. Our weather has mostly evened out, except for the occasional frosty nights. But soon it’ll be porch sitting weather day and night. 🙂


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