Potato in a Bucket

I think it’s neat how much the potato plant looks like a green rose.
I never realized a potato plant grew like this… but then I’ve never had a day-to-day view of a potato plant growing in a bucket.
Perhaps it’ll start to get taller this week and will become a potato plant.

I hope you all had a good weekend
and will have a nice week of sunshine.


8 thoughts on “Potato in a Bucket

    • Hi Piglet
      If a person wanted too, I think they could grow a good size crop with sprouting potato peelings. I’m not sure how hardy a store bought potato is compared to a seed potato.
      In answer to the question, Yes, potatoes and also tomatoes, eggplant, bell/chili peppers are in the nightshade family.
      It’s good to see you again. Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment.


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