Updates: cornbread flats, basil, parsley, rose, Shelibean

I made cornbread flats in my whoopie pie pan. We really enjoyed them. I figure I’ll make cornbread flats a lot in the future.I’m adding this photo of my cornbread flats to my ‘Different Kinds of Flats’ post.

My basil that I transplanted and brought in for the winter, is still doing okay. It’s not a deep green, but it’s still green so I’ll settle for that. I keep it in the window, but for this photo I set it where I could get a better focus. Thankfully, it’s growing slow. I’m planning on keeping it pinched back after it grows another few inches tall.

We’ve been having some nice weather during the day, but cold and even freezing weather at night. I’m amazed at how green and healthy my parsley is staying.

Every evening I cover up my little rose cutting. And every day I uncover it when it warms up enough.
I’ll do this until it gets consistantly cold, then I’ll cover it til Spring.
Meanwhile my accidental rose cutting is thriving.

This isn’t really an update, it’s more like a bonus,
Sheli-bean is so cute with our Christmas decor.

I hope all your updates are followed with happy bonuses!



8 thoughts on “Updates: cornbread flats, basil, parsley, rose, Shelibean

  1. Shelibean has a way of stealing the show. 😀 I blanched and dried some of my basil leaves for the freezer when I cut it back. (Now if I can find them again…) It’s lost some of its green color, too, I guess that’s to be expected. Your cornbread flats look to be the perfect size.

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    • Thanks so much Patti
      Yep, Shelibean is a ham for sure. 😉
      I’ve not tried blanching and freezing basil. That sounds promising. I tried dehydrating basil, but I must’ve done something wrong because I wasn’t impressed with the results. :/
      We really like the individual servings. It gives an extra something to old an old-time favorite. 😀

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  2. Shelibean looks right at home with the decorations. 😍 The cornbread flats have turned out wonderful! Glad to hear you enjoyed them. And as for the plants, it’s amazing how they are still going strong!

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    • Thanks so much Anita
      I agree. I think Shelibean really enjoys having the decorations around.
      I was pleasantly surprised at how well the cornbread flats turned out.
      The plants being so full and green during the goofy temperatures is pretty neat. 😀


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