Wildlife Wednesday – Big Beautiful Turkey Hen

There’s a Big Beautiful Turkey Hen that’s been hanging around our garden and yard.We noticed that she likes to eat the Meadow Buttercups that grows sporadically in our yard.Since we discovered she likes them, my husband leaves the little batches of Meadow Buttercups if he sees them when he’s mowing. We feel that there’s something in them that the turkey needs or she wouldn’t eat every one of them she finds.We’re hoping the big beautiful hen has a big flock of cute little poults in the next month or so.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


14 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Big Beautiful Turkey Hen

    • Thanks so much CW
      We’re happy to leave plants for the wildlife when we see they particularly like something.
      The turkey does seem to enjoy our leaving the buttercups. We hope she comes by often. 🙂


    • Hi StitchGranny
      Welcome to my blog.
      The wild turkeys are quite large. It truly does feel like an honor to have her visiting.
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog.
      I hope you’ll visit again some time.


    • Thanks so much GR
      I’ve noticed there’s quite a few buttercups blooming, so hopefully she’ll be by again soon.
      I look forward to introducing the wee turkeys to blogland if she brings them around. It’d be fun to see them and watch them grow. 🙂


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