Country Apples Afghan – 2

While enjoying crocheting the small granny squares, I thought it a good idea to wait to weave in the yarn ends until I got them made. I was happy that I finished 216 squares over a few days; aran, cherry red, cherry red/aran and medium thyme/aran squares. I decided to take a break from crocheting the squares and weave in the yarn ends. I plan to make the 136 Frosty Green squares later on. I figured it wouldn’t take long to weave the ends in…
I was wrong, ever so wrong…
I’ve been weaving in the yarn ends for a few days and I still have many many many to go. :/

When I make the Frosty Green squares I’ll weave in the yarn ends as I crochet them.

Meanwhile, I’m stuck weaving in the yarn ends and not enjoying it at all much. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I hope you all have an enjoyable rest of the week!



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26 thoughts on “Country Apples Afghan – 2

    • Hello quietwatercraft,
      Welcome to my blog.
      I agree, ends are the worst. Yes, they are.
      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again some time.

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    • Hi Salpal
      I’m planning to whipstitch them together. I could work the side yarn ends as I join the squares, but I don’t want the bulk in the seams. Plus it might slow me down once I get started. ๐Ÿ˜€

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          • I donโ€™t do a lot of crocheting, but if you were going to crochet those squares together, I think you definitely could have hidden the ends in that process! But as you already figured, not the way you are joining. Weave on my friend, weave on.

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            • Hi Salpal,
              You’re right, If I was using a crochet stitch to join the blocks together I could have worked the side yarn ends in as I joined the blocks and they would’ve been hidden and secure.
              However, I’m going by the pattern and whip stitching the blocks together and I’m not comfortable that the ends would have been secure enough just worked in. They might have been, but I didn’t want to chance them coming loose eventually. It’s just my old silliness.
              I don’t mind weaving the yarn ends in on the individual blocks. It’s time consuming, but I enjoy doing it though.
              Thanks so much for the suggestions. I really appreciate it, keep them coming.
              Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. 200+ squares is great progress, E.C.! Hope you find something interesting to watch or listen to while you weave in the ends. Hang in there! Weaving ends as you go is a great idea for the future.

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