12-13-2019 Our Christmas Corner

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot to post about at the moment.
Mostly we’ve just been trying to get in the festive mood of the season.
We’ve finished our shopping. Our cards are filled out and waiting for a stamp so we can mail them.
So happily, I’d say our holiday makings are right on schedule.
How’s your holiday plans and decor going?

Wishing you a weekend full happiness and joy!





10 thoughts on “12-13-2019 Our Christmas Corner

  1. Your decorations are lovely and sounds like you have some time to relax before the big day. I just finished my decorating yesterday. I still need to finish making my cards and get them in the mail. Still need to wrap the gifts I have. And still a bit more shopping to do. I guess I am taking it slowly this year.

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  2. That seems like you are well on track! Our tree is up, has been all week. Today it gets lights and possibly ornaments. 😉. Cards are bought and ready to write. Most presents are bought, none wrapped. We aren’t feeling stressed about any of it, though, this is more in control than we have been in years!

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