Work In Progress – Classic Impressions Needlepoint 1-22-2020

I ran into another dry-spell. I couldn’t think of a craft or even a household project that I wanted to do. Then the other morning I woke up with a needlepoint kit on my mind. I bought the kit a few years ago because I love the design and colors and I thought it was a cross stitch kit. I planned to make it and hang it on the wall or maybe make a throw-pillow. Imagine my disappointment to find out that it’s needlepoint. I’d never tried needlepoint (as far as I could remember). I put the needlepoint kit away in a drawer and gave it a passing forlorn thought from time-to-time.

Since I’d woken up with the kit on my mind and I wasn’t inspired to do any other project, I thought I as might as well open the kit and see if it there was a chance that I might be able to learn the skill. I was relieved to read the directions and discover that it’s basically like doing plastic canvas on a smaller grid. ~happy dance~

I’ve got only the lower right hand corner block done. I think it looks good. In real life this needlepoint’s colors are very pretty. I’m happy that I’m finally making this kit after all these years.

Dimensions Classic Impressions Needlepoint

Wishing you all happy crafting!




18 thoughts on “Work In Progress – Classic Impressions Needlepoint 1-22-2020

    • Thanks so much Claire
      There something about this particular style of design that I really like. I hope I can do it justice with my novice needlepoint attempt. 😀


  1. Oh that does look pretty! My Grandma did needlepoint cushions for the formal dining room chairs, very classic. I have always been put off by the colored screen; I’m afraid I’d get the colors confused. How’s that working out for you?

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    • Thanks so much Kathy,
      I bet the cushions your Grandma made were wonderful. I hope whoever sits in them appreciates the love and work she put in to them.
      At first the printed canvas was a frowner for me too. I’m not a fan of stamped canvas. However, after working on it, I find that it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate. I go by the paper diagram as much as by the stamped canvas. I think it’s one of those crafts, that with time and practice, I might actually get okay at doing. 😀

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        • Hi Kathy,
          Here’s a small graphic of a bit of the project’s diagram verses the printed canvas.
          As you can kind of tell, it’s basically of a guide to go by and not so precise like counted cross stitch. I like that because that means that my finished needlepoint will be a bit different from someone else’s.
          Or I could be wrong and am just doing it wrong. lol This is my first needlepoint and I’m just using my best guess about the art. 😉

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    • Thanks so much Margy,
      Yep, that’s basically it, For this needlepoint, I’m using the basketweave stitch (which is just the right half of a cross stitch) and I’m using 6 strands of embroidery floss. It’s rather relaxing and doesn’t strain my eyes so much. 🙂


  2. It’s just wonderful that you picked up the kit after so long, E.C. – it must be so exciting to work on a new craft! The project looks good, and I’d love to see your updates on the progress.

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    • Thanks so much Anita,
      It is fun to learn a new craft. This needlepoint project is relaxing to do. I plan to give updates weekly, maybe more, it depends on my progress. 😀

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  3. This looks like fun. This makes me think that I should buy a needlepoint kit. Needlepoint is my favorite needle craft. It is so relaxing. I haven’t done any needlepoint in several years.

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    • Thanks so much Sheryl,
      I’m enjoying it so far. It’s mainly the continental stitch. It’s so much like a basketweave stitch that it’s been fairly easy to learn, so far. I hope you’ll try needlepoint again. I agree it’s quite relaxing. 😀


    • Thanks so much Ginny,
      Collage type designs are very attractive to me. There’s something nostalgic and charming about them. I wish I could stitch a little faster, so I could share more often. 🙂


      • There is a vintage feel to the collage type designs. So pretty. I know what you mean about wanting to stitch faster. I have been stitching on a mammoth mermaid tail that is taking me forever to get through, LOL I’m sure your progress will be great no matter when you post. Looking forward to seeing more of your design.

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        • Thanks so much Ginny,
          Needlework is a slow and thankfully rewarding process. I’m even slower so unfortunately, I don’t have an update for this week, but hopefully next week. I bet your mermaid will be beautiful! 🙂


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