BumbleBeeuaty on Hosta bloom

Good Monday Morning!

This morning, I saw this beautiful bumblebee in my hostas. It rested long enough for me to get a fairly good photo. I was so happy with it, that I decided to share it here for your viewing pleasure.

I was going to write on the meaning of bumblebees… however, when I looked up the meaning, I read so many different ones that I couldn’t decide which one would be fitting to share.

So, I’ll just comment on what it meant to me, ‘Seeing a bumblebee, feeding in my flowerbed, was a blessing. It gave me a sense of hope and comfort for the Summer days to come.’

How about you, is there a moment spent with nature that makes you feel blessed and hopeful or comforts you?

Wishing you all a pleasant week of hope and comfort.


6 thoughts on “BumbleBeeuaty on Hosta bloom

  1. Beautiful photo! We have had a lot of work done in our back yard last month. The old fence at the back of the yard was torn down and a new one put up. Along the fence was all dug up and made less wide. a few plants were moved and a couple of Rose of Sharon trees saved. I didn’t think the plants were going to make it. They didn’t produce much in the last few years. And when they did, the bunnies at the flowers. But I did get a rose on one of the rose plants and so far, 2 lilies on one plant with buds and the other lily plant has lots of buds also. I am glad the bunnies have enjoyed one flower and one large bud, but I do wish that I can enjoy them this year.

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    • Hello Ginny,
      Those bunnies do make for interesting gardening. They’re cute but they’re aggravating sometimes.
      It’s great your Rose of Sharons and lilies survived. We bought 3 more Rose of Sharons in the Spring, we honestly didn’t think they were going to make it. We tried to keep them watered during the dry spells, but new plants and city water sometimes make a bad match. However, this afternoon, we discovered one bloom on one and some bloom buds. So hopefully our 2 original Rose of Sharons and our 3 newer ones will be in full bloom for a few weeks to come.
      I hope you have plenty of blooms and much enjoyment with your new arranged landscaping.

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