Pearl Blanket – 28″ KB Loom + peg extenders

I’ve decided to try to catch up on my projects before starting new ones.
I chose my blanket to finish up first. It’s been on the loom for quite a long time now.
I’m happy to finally have it finshed.
Shelibean tried the blanket out first. He seems to think it’s just right.
Here’s my blanket’s stats:
168 pegs – 28″ Knitting Board Loom + peg extenders
KB Knitting hook
8 skeins of 6oz 185 yds ‘Pearl’ Lion Brand HomeSpun Yarn
278 rows
46,704 stitches
Finished size 58″x58″

Here’s wishing all you all luck in finishing up your works-in-progress.



16 thoughts on “Pearl Blanket – 28″ KB Loom + peg extenders

    • Thanks so much SalPal
      My blanket is made in 1 piece. I knitted it on a knitting board loom.
      Here’s a small sample on a small loom I worked up to show you how I knit on the loom.😀

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        • Thanks SalPal
          For me, it’s easier than knitting with needles. I’d of never attempted to knit a blanket with needles. On the loom, I do basic e-wrap and purl stitches mostly. I’m not skilled enough to do any more complicated stitches. I could never needle-knit nor loom-knit the elegant and beautiful pieces that you make with knitting needles. Knitting looms has made it possible for me to make some dandy scrubbies, hats, scarves, bags and such that I wouldn’t been able to make with knitting needles. 😀

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    • Thanks so much Mary,
      The folks that use the knitting loom for most of their projects make some great stuff.
      The one thing I like about the knitting loom is the projects come out more uniformed in shaped, And the finished project is quite neat and tidy. 🙂

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