Shelibean Our Bye-Bye Boy

Our handsome little Shelibean gets super excited when I ask him if he wants to go bye-bye. He’ll dance around, until we scoop him up and leave. He really enjoys going for rides.
When he was younger, he absolutely hated rides. He would howl, bark and whine the entire time we would take him anywhere, no matter the length of the journey. Front seat, back seat or kennel it did not matter, he was not a happy passenger.
Then I started sitting him on a towel on the center console. He didn’t fuss as much and now he sits there quite nicely.
We realized that just sitting him there, wouldn’t be the safest thing if there was an accident. So we figured it was time to get him a car seat.
We originally were going to make one ourselves, then I was shopping online and found a ready-made one for a reasonable price.
I took it out of the box and began to set it up. Shelibean claimed it before I could even zip up the front flap.
He snuggled down in it, so I left him there to take a nice long a nap. He was so cute all curled up like a sweet baby.
The car seat installed easily with straps that wrap around the console compartment lid. I placed Sheli in it and he proudly sit up like it was his throne.
What I like about this seat, is it, hopefully, protects Sheli better. It also has a lead that can attach to his collar to restrain him when need be.
Now when we go for a ride, SheliBean is the King of the car sitting in his throne being the handsome Alpha-dog he is.

So this is the last day of November. We haven’t put up one solitary decoration yet. It feels kind of strange not to already have out tree up. We’re having some work done on the house soon and we’d have to move the decor out of the way. Hopefully, if the weather behaves, the work will be done and finished mid-December.
And then the decorating madness can begin. 😍

I hope y’all are happily making plans and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.




10 thoughts on “Shelibean Our Bye-Bye Boy

  1. I love the idea of car seat for dogs. That’s brilliant. Last year we had our entire first floor renovated… all during the month of December. It was exhausting. LOL! Happy holidays, E.C. Soon you’ll be a decorating storm when the renovations are over. ❤️

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    • Thanks so much Colleen,
      The car-seat makes our journeys so much more pleasant and comfortable for Sheli. 🙂
      December renovations, sure makes for extra aggravations. I can’t imagine your month of renovating chaos during the holidays. I can hardly wait to start decorating
      Happy Holidays to you too. 💜

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    • Thanks so much Margy,
      The tether was one of the selling points for me. We worried about that and hopefully the tether in the car seat will help prevent him from becoming a projectile. And hopefully, we’ll never find out.

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  2. I love that car seat! Functional, safe for Shelibean, and it increases his cuteness factor–so many wins here. 🙂 Hope you’ll have enough time to decorate for the holidays like you want to.

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    • Thanks so much Anita,
      I agree, Sheli does look extra cute. I feel better that he’s more protected now.
      I look forward to decorating. Hopefully, the work to our house will get done in smooth quick time. We’ll see.

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