Crochet – diamond painting – garden – pc issues

I wasn’t happy with my crochet shawl project. I unraveled it and started again with a c2c v-stitch pattern. It’s taken me some time to work it out, but so far, it’s going well.

I finished my diamond painting. I’ve decided not to frame/hang it up. I’ve added it to our portfolio folder-notebook. I used to just roll up the finished diamond paintings (dps) and keep them on a shelf. Whenever we’d want to look at them, I’d have to unroll them all, then roll them back up. It was okay, but not really enjoyable.
Fortunately, my blogging buddy Claire mentioned on her blog how she keeps her dps in a portfolio. It’s such a great idea. I leapt on that idea and ordered us one. The portfolio can hold 60 or more depending on size. That works our great for us.
“Thank you so much, Claire. You’ve helped make our diamond painting more enjoyable. ❤ ”

My husband is really in the gardening mood this year. He tilled up a small garden spot. I might add that since he tilled the garden spot, we’ve had several rainstorms and the temperatures have been running as low as in the mid 20°F. So, for now, we wait… Come on warm weather and some dry days to plant!

I wish all of you oodles of nice Spring weather.
Have a super rest of the week!

P.S. I’ve ran into some pc issues the past few weeks. I’ve pretty much got them worked out. A new battery and a factory reset did the trick. Hopefully, it’ll be smoother sailing for a while. Now it’s time to play catch-up on my visiting and blogging. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Crochet – diamond painting – garden – pc issues

    • Thanks so much Colleen,
      I’m happy the diamond painting turned out so well. With it being in our portfolio, it’s much easier to enjoy the many dots and colors up close.
      I wish I had a dime for every project that I ever took apart… I’d have oodles of dimes. lol
      I can hardly wait until warm weather and our local nursery and garden sections get some stock in. We are looking forward to enjoying the outdoors.

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  1. your crochet shawl is looking lovely, and is growing well despite the false start.
    Pleased to see the portfolio idea is working well for your DPs, and a big pat on the back for your husband – must have taken hours to get that plot ready for sowing!

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    • Thanks so much Claire,
      Unfortunately, I’ve run into another snag with my shawl. So, it may not get finished any time soon, if at all. :/
      Again, I thank you for the portfolio idea. It’s a welcome addition to our fun with diamond paintings. 💎😊
      My husband says thank you. The garden spot did take him a few hours, but it’s not ready yet. It still needs more tilling and raking the grass/weed leavings out it. Hopefully, the weather will, eventually, turn nice enough for us to get it ready and planted. 🌱

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  2. Awesome diamond painting, E.C.! It’s turned out so beautiful, and it’s wonderful that you’ve zeroed in on a hassle-free and useful method to store them. When you have a collection of paintings, hope you’ll have fun going over all of them.

    I read in your other comment about having hit another snag with the shawl. Hope it gets resolved soon.

    Love the work on your garden so far. Kudos to your husband, and hope the weather turns warmer soon!

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    • Thanks so much Anita,
      We’re really enjoying the portfolio. It’s a handy way to see all our sparkly creations. 🙂
      Yep, I’m having to rework my shawl again. I hope I can get it right this time. The problem is, it’s my pattern, so, I’m going to have to figure it out again. :/
      My husband says thank you. We were talking this morning about hopefully being able to plant onions in a week. Keeping my gardening hopes up. ☺️🌱

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