2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Creepy Rockin’ cryptid rock – In color & in sepia


Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!z00m



2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Half and Half & Close Up – Blue Moon one day early

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

~Half and Half~~Close Up~

IMG_4435 Yesterday evening 7-31-2015 around 8 pm,  we were coming home from town and saw a magnificent moon glowing beautifully against the blue sky. When we got home, I grabbed my camera and we went for a drive to try and get a photo of the gorgeous moon. My camera doesn’t do very well in low light, but I clicked away in hopes of capturing at least one fairly decent photo. The moon actually looked like a small sun in my photos of the horizon.

IMG_4441I focused in on the moon about half-full zoom, when I clicked the photo, the blue skies disappeared and and the moon glowed against the black of space. I don’t understand why? Nor do I understand why in the dimness of nightfall, on full-zoom, my camera picked up the terrain of the moon as well as it did. I thought sure it would be a blurry mess. My camera is a Canon SX500 IS and My photos aren’t NASA quality, but I’m happy with them.

Click on this photo to open open up a larger photo

Click on this photo to open open up a larger photo

Anyhow, I loaded the photos on my computer and decided that a moon so big and bright had to have some significance, I looked it up on a search engine and discovered that there is a blue moon predicted for tonight Friday 31, July. Cool, that explains why the moon was so brilliant last night, Thursday, 30 July. It was just preparing for tonight.

As I looked at my moon photos, I thought they would sort-of do for the challenges of “Half and Half” & “Close Up”… (and since I missed quite a few weeks of the WP Weekly Photo Challenge, I’m happy to join in with this posting.)


Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!z00m

*A blue moon is is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year. Wiki: Blue Moonspacer2

2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – ROY G. BIV

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

When our Grandson, was old enough to climb out of his playpen, we bought him a new twin size bed. We set it up, put on new sheets, but we didn’t have a comforter set for it yet.

I immediately wanted to make a quilt for the bed. My Mom was always quick to make new quilts for new beds or new folks. It took me a couple of days to search for a pattern and I didn’t like any of the ones I found. In the tradition of my Mom,  I sat down and designed my own special pattern for our Grandson’s quilt.

I decided to go with a lake theme in honor of all the fishermen in our families. The fish are all the colors of the rainbow except blue. I decided to use the blue for the background representing a water in lake.

I was amazed at how easily my pattern went together. It turned out quite well.

Here’s the picture of the quilt top before I quilted it.
rainbowlake1lgI think Every special quilt needs a story with it and here’s the one that I made up for our Grandson.
The pinwheels in each corner represent the propeller of a boat.
In the 1st boat is Grandson and his Dad (our son)
In the 2nd boat is Grandpa & Grandma (me & my husband)
In the 3rd boat is his Mom and other Grandparents (his Mom’s parents)
In the 4th boat he could pretend that anyone he wanted to be in it. Sometimes he chose his cousins, sometimes his friends, sometimes the power rangers, sometimes his aunts or uncles. His favorite was when he pretended that his puppy dog or kitty cat was in it. lol

The storyline took on many different aspects and adventures as our Grandson got older, but basically the story is:
The quilt is Rainbow Lake. We all are in our boats on a fishing trip. We have a wonderful time and our Grandson always catches all the fish. 😉

I know it’s a simple story and some folks might find it quite silly, but it has always been such fun watching and listening to our Grandson pretending about our imaginary fishing trips.

Back to my mention of our planning to take our Grandson shopping for a comforter set for his new twin size bed, well, he loved the Rainbow Lake quilt so much that he didn’t want a store bought comforter. I was so surprised and tickled pink. It sure did my heart good to see him so happy about a quilt that I made for him.

Here’s the quilt set all finished.
I quilted the quilt on my sewing machine.
I used a low pile poly batting.

I made the dust ruffle a darker blue because the water in a real lake seems darker near the bottom. I made the pillow sham the same color as the dust ruffle to pull the set together, so-to-speak.

The set washes up beautifully.
It’s been washed regularly over the years and it’s colors has held up wonderfully.

It’s been 12 years since I made the quilt and up until this past weekend, our Grandson still didn’t want a store bought comforter set… even though we’d put a full size bed in his room a few months ago and gave his twin to his little cousin. He still loved the quilt and the story that goes with it. I kept the quilt on the bed as a comforter even though it was way too short on the sides and looked quite goofy.

After much searching, I found a full size comforter that I thought our Grandson might like. It’s solid gray with geometrical lines and has matching striped sheets. I gave it to him this weekend and he was quite pleased with it.

Our Grandson still loves his Rainbow Lake quilt and it’ll always be here for him. I hope someday in the far far far future to give it his child. I do hope that they enjoy it as much and we have. There’s alot of special memories in that Rainbow Lake.

Wishing you all beautiful memories of rainbows and smiles.rainbow

The theme for this week challenge is ROY G. BIV. The first thing that came to my mind to share was about the Rainbow Lake quilt. I went back in my old files trying to find my original unedited photos, but I couldn’t find them, so I had to use old edited ones. I edited the photos to make them bigger and that explains the lower quality. For this challenge I hope the story helps makes up for the photo quality.


Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!z00m


2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

velvet-cowkillerThe cow killer ant stands out with it’s vivid color and it’s deadly legend.
I remember when I was a wee child being warned about these ants. Every one that was seen around our tiny country farm was terminated immediately. I was an adult before I learned the truth about the ant.

The cowkiller ant or red velvet ant is actually a wingless female-wasp (species Dasymutilla occidentalis).  The male looks similar to the female only with black wings. The males don’t sting, however the female has a toxic sting. The sting is painful, but not strong enough to actually kill a cow as the old folklore implies.
You can read more about it: here


Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!z00m