Wildlife Wednesday – Mockingbabies

While trimming one of our snowball bushes, my husband found a nest of wee mockingbirdies. They were so cute.

The parents kept bringing the fledglings food.
Then, one afternoon, we watched a fledgling flexing its wings as it ran across the yard. Over the next couple days, the other fledglings, like the first one, ran and with short hops and flights as they learned to fly up to the treetops.
And now the nest is empty.

You know it never ceases to amaze me how quickly baby birds learn to fly.

Bird watching made for an extra bit of joy over the past few days.

I hope you all have an enjoyable rest of the week!



First Babe of Spring

calf3282014-1Yesterday I saw a big beautiful cow resting in my neighbors pasture. I got my my camera and zoomed in and saw that it had a cute little baby. A new baby, just born that morning. I’m so tickled to get these photos of it. I want to go and pet it and hug it, but that would be a bad idea I think. 😉

So the calf isn’t a tiny chick  or a baby bunny,
I believe cuteness comes in all sizes.
I think it’s an adorable first babe of Spring.cald3282014-2

Here’s wishing you many new smiles this Spring.