Did you get the luck?

It was 4° this morning. It’s warmed up to 14° now. Looking out the window I see the sun is shining. The look of a warm day in the winter sunshine truly is deceiving. I hope it gets warmer soon.

Did you partake of any old timey traditions to ensure you get-the-luck for a good year? We did. We had black-eyed peas and cabbage. It’s a tasty simple meal and costs next to nothing, so we see no reason not to partake in it. It’s kind of a fun thing to add a bit more cheer to the 1st day of the New Year.

I hope your year has started off well.
Wishing you all positive things this second day of the year.


10 thoughts on “Did you get the luck?

  1. This looks like a wonderful tradition! We have a quiet meditation in gratitude for the past year and the new year to come, around a candle. It is very simple and always feels special. May the blessings keep coming all through the year ☺💖 xxx

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    • Thanks Anita
      I think it makes our New Year start off on a more enjoyable note by doing the old timey traditions. Not everyone has traditions, but that’s okay, that’s what makes life interesting. 😀

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  2. I have not heard of that tradition. I may have to try it someday. Right now it is -12 with the windchill here in Michigan. Brrrrr. The sun is shining, so it is pretty, but very deceiving here, too. I am so looking forward to Spring. Happy New Year, stay warm.

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    • Thanks Ginny
      This is a southern tradition and a family tradition as well. Traditions make the New Year a bit more fun.
      Oh my stars, ya’ll are frozen solid. Bundle up and stay safe and warm.
      I agree, I’m so looking to Spring too!
      I send you warm thoughts for a thawing Happy New Year! 😀


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