First Babe of Spring

calf3282014-1Yesterday I saw a big beautiful cow resting in my neighbors pasture. I got my my camera and zoomed in and saw that it had a cute little baby. A new baby, just born that morning. I’m so tickled to get these photos of it. I want to go and pet it and hug it, but that would be a bad idea I think. 😉

So the calf isn’t a tiny chick  or a baby bunny,
I believe cuteness comes in all sizes.
I think it’s an adorable first babe of Spring.cald3282014-2

Here’s wishing you many new smiles this Spring.

14 thoughts on “First Babe of Spring

    • Thanks CCB
      That sounds like a lovely place and good times.
      I think calves are so sweet and clownish like awkward kittens at times. 🙂


  1. Your photos definitely started my day with a smile, E.C. How precious is that baby calf??? I just love its fluffy white coat! We have lots of cows in our area, but not many white ones. Thanks for sharing!! Happy Saturday!


    • Thanks Dianna
      The white ones are Charlet and quite popular in this region. I’d never seen a newborn one before yesterday. I didn’t realize how brilliant white the calf would be (especially considering the birthing process.) I agree it’s a precious little thing and so fuzzy.
      Sadly, the farmer has moved the cattle to another pasture so now I won’t get to see the baby anymore. I miss it already. I was looking forward to a Spring of photos watching it grow. ~sigh~
      I hope you have a happy weekend too. 🙂


  2. Babies are cute, no matter what species they are! The sight of this little new-born calf is a delight to the eyes; new life is so precious.
    Thanks for sharing this photo of the first babe of your Spring.


    • Thanks Barb
      New babes truly are a delight. I was looking forward to making many posts on it’s progress, but sadly the farmer moved the cattle another pasture and now I won’t get to see this little darling grow up. You’re very welcome, I’m happy I could share this precious baby.


  3. The new born calves at the farm where I grew up was always a highlight……spring calves, lambs, chicks, goslings, ponies, what a thrill to grow up as I did. I can’t get over how very white this new babe is…awesome.


    • Aw Thanks Dar
      Sounds like a wonderful place to grow up and it sounds close to the Spring-times of my youth. I was raised on a tiny country farm and new babies always filled my heart with joy and fun.
      This calf is the whitest calf I’ve ever seen. I wish the herd was still close by so I could see if any other new calves are born and are as white.


  4. Awww Don’t you just love all the life springing forth. yeah for warmer weather and new born cuteness 😀


    • Thanks Roma
      Yes I do love it. I wish the baby could have stayed in this pasture for awhile longer. The new life in the Springtime is always such a joy to see. 🙂


    • Thanks K2C
      Unfortunately, the farmer moved them to another pasture and I can’t watch the baby as it grows. But I’m happy I got these treasured moments photos of it’s first day. 🙂


    • Thanks Patti
      I agree. I sure wish the farmer hadn’t moved them to another field so soon. Oh well, at least I got these purdy photos on the first day of the cutie-pie calf’s life. 🙂


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