A bit of a Spring haiku – bumble bee and dandelion

Hungry bee grazing.
Dandelion beauty glows.
The bringers of Spring.



Wishing you and your families
the best of health and happiness.



Update on bee fan fob nursery

IMG_3475One of fan fob nurseries has hatched out.

I wanted to see what the bloom of a sweet basil herb looked like so I’ve let one of the plants fully mature. I was looking at the bloom when I saw a little bee on it. I wondered if it may have been the fan-fob-bee since the basil sits on a table under the fans.

I don’t know what kind of bee it is on the bloom or if it’s what hatched out of the fan fob. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of it, but here’s a couple photos just the same. ūüėČIMG_3479


Wishing you all a day of Bee-uaty and smiles.