Mason Bee Fan Chain Fob Nursery

IMG_3011This Spring we replaced the ceiling fans on our back porch. One afternoon, I noticed a bee crawling into the holes of the pull chain fob. It kind of looked like a honeybee and I thought it might be out grazing as some bees and wasps do. I thought no more about it.

A couple days later my husband and I was on the back-porch and I mentioned to him about the bee. My husband said, “Well that explains what the mud in the holes are. They were building nest.”

“What mud?” I asked and then looked up saw the fob hole was filled with mud.IMG_3009Both lower chains on both fans have the hole filled with mud. The upper chains don’t have it though, so evidently something about the lower chain fobs was perfect for a nursery.

We left the mud in the holes. We use the chains like normal.
I’m thinking it was Mason Bees that made the mud nurseries.
I suspect one day we’ll go outside and see the mud bored through and HOPEFULLY we’ll probably not see the baby bees.

Has Mason bees ever built a nest in something like this at your home?
Here’s hoping all your bee encounters are friendly ones.


10 thoughts on “Mason Bee Fan Chain Fob Nursery

    • Hi Dianna
      I didn’t know it either, I had to surf Google to find out what it might be. I like how something so simple can be so interesting. 🙂


  1. We have bumble bees nesting in our rockery, we also have a Madison / solitary bees that nest in our house brick wall ( that faces East) they do not seem to be causing any problems at the moment.

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    • Hi Lucyannluna
      We have bumble bees nesting in our shed. They make quite a bit of saw dust each year. I figure someday we’ll look out and our shed will have folded to the ground like a cartoon picture. lol

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  2. I have had Mason bees make homes of the tubes on my wind chimes. I always just let them be. It changes the sound of the chimes of course but I don’t mind them. With the setup of our house in relation to neighbors and the road, I don’t get to sit outside and enjoy them often anyway so the bees are free to use them. I soak the chimes in hot water to clean them out once they’re not using them anymore, and sure enough once they’re cleaned out the bees use them again. 🙂

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    • Hi CW
      That’s pretty neat that the bees makes their nest in your wind chimes. I like the helpful hint about soaking the the chimes or my case the fob to clean out the mud. Thanks so much. 🙂


    • Hey Charlotte
      I agree. Dirt daubers do make a mess, but they are wonderful for helping to control spiders (wasps are too) I never much paid attention to mason bees until this year. I knew some folks had mason bee houses to help them multiply to help with pollination. I’m not fond enough of bees to think about doing that… so far… 😉


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