Tomato Juice

P1030894bThe first batch of tomato juice is finished and in the freezer. It’s now ready to be thawed either to be drank or used in cooking. I didn’t add anything to my juice: no sugar, no salt, no herbs. More tomatoes are ripe and ripening, so I’ll probably up to my elbows in juice making again soon.

I poured some fresh juice in a glass. It’s foamy and thick, so I added a spoon of water and the foam bubbles rose to the top where I dipped most of them off. I stirred in a bit of salt and it tasted quite good.

I’ve never froze tomato juice before so I don’t know how it’ll do; I figure it should do okay.
I’m happy to be finished for now. Hopefully I can get caught up on my blogging.

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday.

The Pie of Disappointment

0-IMG_6518Here’s A Quick overview so you can decide if you want to read my long rambling post or not:
I had this grand idea that a fruit cream pie would be a wonderful rare sweet treat.
The pie looked better than it turned out.
Tastewise it was a big disappointed.

Read on to learn the rambling details:

I surfed the net and found a recipe that had lots of raves and seemed to be just the pie for me to make. It was a simple pie and best of all was totally made in a blender except for the fruit.

As I began to make the recipe the 2 cups of milk and 4 eggs gave me cause for pause as did the cup of sugar, I thought it way-to-much, but since I was already into the recipe I continued on. I was right, with the other ingredients it was too much liquid for one 10 inch pie plate, so I put some of the mix 2 ramekins… (imo even a deep-dish pie-plate would probably be filled to overflowing.) The mix was so thin, I didn’t see how it could possibly cook thoroughly…IMG_6497

I added some fruit and baked the pie at the recommended 45 minutes. It looked pretty good and so did the ramekins. The ramekin pies were done, but unfortunately the pie wasn’t done, it had to bake 20 minutes longer.IMG_6500

I set the ramekins aside and let them cool during the 20 extra minutes I baked the pie. I decided to give the a ramekin pie a taste, It tasted like scrambled eggs with a ton of sugar in them. Yuck! So I scrapped the pie from the ramekins and tossed it in the trash.

I had higher hopes for the pie as it had the fruit in it. The pie baked up beautifully. It sure looked tasty. Even my husband said it was looked really pretty.IMG_6511

I put it in the fridge to cool overnight. It wasn’t as pretty as it was fresh out of the oven, but I still had hope. It sliced easily and surprisingly came out of the pie-plate in good form. I took some photos and then grabbed a fork to taste it.IMG_6518

Oddly, if it wasn’t for the fruit it would have had no redeeming quality. The fruit was good but the filling around it was rubbery scrambled eggs and way too sugary. I didn’t even finish the slice. Into the trash it went.

All I can say is, I tried. I’m not happy about wasting all the ingredients. But I did learn to better pay attention to my cooking instincts.
Oh yes and also, even if a recipe has good reviews it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth trying,

Well, anyhow, at least the photos turn out pretty.

Wishing you all a great rest of the week?

Using a Mason Jar with a blender For a Single Smoothie


My sister has one of those handy dandy single smoothie blender thingies. Like a good little sister still following in her big sister’s footsteps, I wanted one too. I use my blender for smoothies. It’s a bit off-putting to have to wash the many parts for one little old smoothie. So, as I said, I wanted a single smoothie maker.

I went shopping around the internet and was quite dismayed by the prices of the better rated single smoothie makers. I was sad and thought that I’d just stick with my blender… ~sigh of dismay~ and then my little old gears began to turn in my mind and brought forth a memory…

Back in 2001, after a stroke, my Mom couldn’t eat solid foods anymore. My Brother was her primary caretaker and he figured out a way to puree several different foods and keep them on hand without having to clean a complete blender every time: he used mason jars instead of the blender’s pitcher container.
It’s such a clever idea, I asked him how he thought of it.
He told me that back in his younger days, he and his friends made daiquiris in mason jars.
I think it was wonderful he remembered it. I believe that God teaches us things to use later on in life, even when we’re not aware of it. I think the lesson of the mason jar and blender was meant to help during the time of his caring for our Mother.
Mom was certainly grateful for his knowledge and tender care in helping her to try and get better. I wish Mom was still with us. I think she would enjoy the smoothie craze. She loved making milkshakes for us young’uns and our Dad. Mom loved making new recipes, especially dessert type foods.


After remembering about the mason jar and blender idea, I got a pint mason jar,  put some ingredients in it and happily made a single smoothie.
Goodness it was tasty and clean up was so much easier.

Unfortunately, not all blenders are mason jar friendly. However, if your blender is one that can be used with a mason jar and if you decide to use this idea, some of my following suggestion might be helpful:
-follow blender manufacturers recommendation about ice or frozen ingredients.
-fill the jar only about 3/4 or less of-the-way full,
-make sure the blender collar fits the neck of the jar securely

-use quick ‘pulses’ until you’ve chopped up the crushed ice or/and frozen fruit and/or large chunks of foods. After it’s fairly well chopped up, blend it normally.
-now and then you may need to take the jar off the blender base, leave the blender collar/blades on the jar, shake the food down and then put the jar back on the base to blend some more.
-you can pour your smoothie in a glass or do like I do and drink it from the jar.

I’m glad I remembered the mason jar/blender idea. I use it for more than smoothies. It’s easy to chop nuts, bread crumbs, crackers or other things, put a ring/lid on the jar and save them for later.

Do you have a favorite blender recipe or helpful hint?
Wishing you a smooth rest of the week.