Eclipse 8-21-2017

There was heavy cloud cover over the mid-day sun 8-21-2017 . I was disappointed that we may not get to see the eclipse. In the breaks in the clouds, using our handy-dandy eclipse glasses we could see the moon moving in the path of the sun.
We figured that we wouldn’t get to even see a smidge of the full eclipse… we were wrong. At the moments of the total eclipse, the clouds thinned and we could see the shiny ring of the sun hidden behind the moon.
It was a beautiful sight. I’m so thankful that my husband and I got to share the event. My husband took a few photos and they turned out pretty good. As it turns out, the clouds helped us enjoy the view better and I think helped our camera get blurry yet pretty good pictures without burning it’s internal workings to goo.

It’s interesting what happened in the span of that couple of minutes of full eclipse.
A comfortable quiet fell on our area as the world became twilight. The temperature dropped to a degree of most-pleasant. A flock of buzzards crossed the sky flying to their roost. The hummingbirds disappeared into the woods leaving their feeders abandoned. A big beautiful bright star glowed in the western sky. Next to the fiery ring of the eclipse, smaller stars came out but were barely visable through the veil of clouds.
After a magical couple of minutes, the sunrays burst forth from the right side of the moon. Within seconds the world was back to an odd feeling normal. Curiously, the clouds burned off quickly.

We realize another full eclipse will happen again in a few years, but not in our path… unless we move or travel to see it. So being in the right spot at the right time, without planning it, makes this one is especially special to us. We feel blessed to have shared this event together. It was awesome!

Wishing you all an awesome week!



Random Friday Five – daylily, cross stitch, 3rd man book, clouds & leaves

p1060785One of my daylilies surprised us with a late season bloom. It’s bittersweet knowing it’s probably one of the last blooms of the season.


cardicrosI’ve started a cross stitch project. Decades ago, I enjoyed cross stitch. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it now. I’m happy to say that I can still do cross stitch and enjoy it. It’s not a big piece, but all the stops and thread changes make my progress slow.
I decided to do a holiday decoration. Hopefully, I’ll have it finished by Christmas and can display it with the other holiday decor.


3rdmanFor me, there’s nothing quite like the feel of an actual physical book. I’ve read many ebooks and have oodles of them through the familiar electronic book distributers, but there’s some books that I prefer to read in the physical form. This is one of those books.

The Third Man Factor By John Geiger
Surviving the Impossible

Hardcover edition 2009
Stories are based on true events and witness accounts

Comprehension level is moderate.
Type face is good size.

The Third Man Factor is about ‘humans under extreme conditions’ that feel another anomalous person or presence near by. The anomalous 3rd man travels along with them giving them helpful advice and encouragement to survive. The ‘3rd man’ is what the presence is called in the book. The presence may be female. It can be an anomalous person, a relative, friend, angel, guardian, spirit or animal or I suppose just about anything.

Sometimes the ‘person in the extreme condition’ may see the 3rd man in physical form and sometimes even have conversations. Sometimes they communicate telepathy with the 3rd man. Sometimes the 3rd man is a shadowy figure. Sometimes the 3rd man is never seen at all and only felt.

I’m about half way through the book. It’s interesting reading. There’s stories from survivors from many ill fated situations. The book has so far discussed the 3rd man as being a guardian angel, a hallucination or like a spirit.


p1060793We’ve been getting some major glorious cloud formations. I wish I could afford a camera that could produce photos that more successfully shows the gorgeousness of the sky filled with these busy clouds.


9-15-2016-leavesThe leaves are turning brown and falling down announcing Autumn is close at hand. Soon the air will carry a chill as the trees and flora will go to sleep for a long winters nap.


Wishing you all a happy weekend!


2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week, let’s keep our angles sharp and heart rate fast.


This is a crop from a photo showing the Sun at the edge of a passing storm.

Don’t mind the bugs and the dirt, I took this photo with a mobile phone held up to our car’s front windshield. It was such an amazing showy sky that I couldn’t resist.

I thought I’d also post another crop from the original that shows some amazing clouds above the edge of the storm.9-14-2016-2

Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!



IMG_3416Here’s a sundog that looks a bit sun-angelic to me.
IMG_3414We’ve been having quite a few sundogs here lately.
This one showed up so well in my photo from the
evening of Father’s Day that I decided to share it.

IMG_3472A half hour later the sundog looked somewhat like a rainbow sun-arrow.

It’s fun spotting atmosphere phenomenon and it’s a happy bonus when I have my camera available to ‘try’ and capture it to share with you.

Here’s wishing you all a great weekend.


After the Storms

6-6-2014-IMG_2591Our area has been hit by some storms the past couple days. Today is beautiful and the sun is shining. The clouds are amazing. It’d be a good day for lying on a pallet and watching the clouds change shapes. In the middle of my above photo, that’s a real heart shaped cloud that was hanging in our sky. It made me smile and I knew I had to share it with you all.

I went to our garden and checked to see how much damage was done by the heavy winds and rain. I’m happy to report that our garden is in good shape, other than a few stalks of corn leaning half over. The corn stalks should stand back up over the few days, so all is well with them too. I’m hoping within the next couple weeks, I’ll get to harvest a mess of fresh squash. I can hardly wait. Yum!

Wishing you all a great weekend of smiles & fluffy clouds!


Just A Quick Post

IMG_9878I just wanted to pop in and say Hi and tell you all that thankfully it was a gorgeous weekend. The weather was really nice. We stayed outside as much as possible.
IMG_9859My husband made a new flower bed by the back porch.
It’s charming right now, hopefully it’ll be really pretty when the flowers take root and start growing.

This all for me at the moment. 😉

Wishing you all a wonderful week.