Eclipse 8-21-2017

There was heavy cloud cover over the mid-day sun 8-21-2017 . I was disappointed that we may not get to see the eclipse. In the breaks in the clouds, using our handy-dandy eclipse glasses we could see the moon moving in the path of the sun.
We figured that we wouldn’t get to even see a smidge of the full eclipse… we were wrong. At the moments of the total eclipse, the clouds thinned and we could see the shiny ring of the sun hidden behind the moon.
It was a beautiful sight. I’m so thankful that my husband and I got to share the event. My husband took a few photos and they turned out pretty good. As it turns out, the clouds helped us enjoy the view better and I think helped our camera get blurry yet pretty good pictures without burning it’s internal workings to goo.

It’s interesting what happened in the span of that couple of minutes of full eclipse.
A comfortable quiet fell on our area as the world became twilight. The temperature dropped to a degree of most-pleasant. A flock of buzzards crossed the sky flying to their roost. The hummingbirds disappeared into the woods leaving their feeders abandoned. A big beautiful bright star glowed in the western sky. Next to the fiery ring of the eclipse, smaller stars came out but were barely visable through the veil of clouds.
After a magical couple of minutes, the sunrays burst forth from the right side of the moon. Within seconds the world was back to an odd feeling normal. Curiously, the clouds burned off quickly.

We realize another full eclipse will happen again in a few years, but not in our path… unless we move or travel to see it. So being in the right spot at the right time, without planning it, makes this one is especially special to us. We feel blessed to have shared this event together. It was awesome!

Wishing you all an awesome week!




10 thoughts on “Eclipse 8-21-2017

  1. Exciting! We were at about 50% and I had no glasses, so it looked like it was overcast though it wasn’t. Odd. We are in the path of the next one, though, so I will get some glasses and prepare to be awed. 🙂

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  2. So happy for you, E.C.!! I think we were in the 9o-something percentage, but had no glasses, just a pin hole box set-up and then I saw crescent shapes on the driveway beneath a tree. The one in 2024 is supposed to go directly over us, so if I live to be 84 I’ll get to see it 🙂

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    • Thanks Charlotte
      A pinhole box works like a charm. We didn’t see any crescent shadows, they sound really neat. In 2024 it’ll way off our range, so I wish for clear skies for you all then. 🙂


  3. So glad to hear that you were able to see the Eclipse. It was quite awesome. Your husbands photos turned out pretty awesome! I was in the 80 percent range and was happy to see it in between the clouds. The photos I took look more like just the sun. I did manage to get one photo that was pretty cool. I had my glasses on, and then I put my Mom’s glasses in front of my camera and was only able to click one photo. After that, my camera would not take another. I could take pictures of my Mom and the shadows on the ground, but not another of the eclipse with the glasses in front. It was a day filled with excitement. I am looking forward to the next one.

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    • Thanks so much Ginny
      That’s interesting about your camera. I hope it’s okay. I’m glad you got to see the eclipse and get a photo. The cloud cover helped with our photos so my husband didn’t need to use a filter. I wish you clear skies for the next one. 🙂


  4. The pictures are wonderful, E.C.! It must have been an amazing experience – we had a partial solar eclipse when I was younger, and were so excited for it, and I can only imagine how much more awesome seeing this one would have been for you.

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