Update 1 Temperature Blanket – color changes

I decided to wait to give an update on my blanket so my posts about it won’t seem too repetitive.
It’s hard to believe that we’re in to the 13th week of 2022 already.
The temperatures have been up & down. The changing colors are a good look for my temperature blanket.
I went through my yarn stash and discovered that I needed to rethink some of my colors. I’m trying not to have to buy anymore yarn than necessary, so I changed/switched some colors.
The Degrees are Fahrenheit.
The yarn is Red Heart 4 ply
0° & under, white
10°& teens, Orchid
20° Amethyst (more purple than in the photo)
30° Light Blue
40° Blue
50° Green
60° Lemon
70° Saffron
80° carrot
90° Red
100° & above, Burgundy
I struggled at first with what stitch to join the rows with. I played around with a few and didn’t care for any of them.
So, I made up my own single crochet stitch and I think of it like and Ivy or Vine clinging to both pieces holding them together.
I decided to do the join stitch in Caron yarn color ‘Lace’.

I wish you all a warm and sunny week of smiles.
Happy Crafting!



Flashback Friday – Color Palette Generator – cool online gadget

smilecI’m posting one of my most favorite gadgets. I found it many years ago when I was doing a lot of web page building. It was very helpful for making a better looking color scheme.

I think this is a really cool online gadget and it may be of
help to anyone who’s wanting to do a color theme around a certain photo:

Color Palette Generator at degraeve.com

All you do is go to the page, enter the url to the image in
their color palette search box thingy and hit enter.  And wah-lah
the matching colors and hex codes for them are right there ready to use.

In other words, if I wanted a color scheme built around my
smiley ball photo: All I have to do is enter my url for my photo
and here are my results:cpg000


Pretty neat, huh? 😉

I love cool little gadgets or widgets like this.

Color Palette Generator at degraeve.com

Wishing you all creative fun!