Under the Influence (Cheese-ball)

IMG_8886I got a little brainwashed during the days leading up to the super bowl. Normally, I don’t pay commercials any attention. However, after several decades of being exposed to them, one can’t help but experience some influence… and that’s why for the first time ever, I felt the need to make a cheese-ball.

I went in search of a cheese-ball recipe and it was over whelming. I got the general gist of what makes a cheese ball. Cream cheese was a reigning requirement, the majority of recipes called for 2 packs. I don’t usually have cream cheese on hand, but amazingly enough I had one pack left over from the holidays.

Many recipes called for chopping up things like onions, garlic, nuts and peppers to add to it. That’s okay, but I was in no mood to deal with that much work.

Mix everything together. Form into a ball. Refrigerate til firm.

Mix everything together.
Form into a ball.
Refrigerate til firm.
Roll cheese-ball in crushed crackers or crushed nuts.
Serve with crackers

So, I created my own recipe. It’s plain and a bit blandish, but served on Italian Herb Flatbread (crackers), it tastes quite good.IMG_8892

I’ll probably, make my cheese-ball a part of our traditional holiday recipes.
Fortunately, I can add anything I want in it and change it up special for whatever holiday or occasion I make it for.IMG_8904

Happy cooking!