Red Heart Laptop Knit and Loom

IMAG0224_1When I first saw a photo of a ‘Red Heart Laptop Knit and Loom’ posted on a loom forum, I knew I had to have one. I had high hopes for this loom.  It’s rated for children ages 6+.  I figured since it’s rated for young children that the quality would be better than average.

I ordered The ‘Red Heart Laptop Knit and Loom’ online because it wasn’t available in my area yet. Coincidentally, a week after I ordered it, our local WalMart got them in. The shelf price was $24.97. I got mine for $19.97 and I didn’t have to pay for shipping since I had some other stuff to order that totaled their minimum for free shipping. I was surprised when I received my order a week before it’s predicted arrival date. ~happy dance~

IMG_6106What’s in the box:
Instruction Booklet
3 soft skeins of yarn
Collapsible storage bag
Loom set – outer case, loom circles and rectangle loom
52 pegs
Knitting Hook
Large plastic needle

*I like that The ‘Red Heart Laptop Knit and Loom’ is bigger than I thought it’d be, it’s about 15″x12″.
*The instruction booklet is adequate for learning the basics. In my opinion the Comprehension level of the booklet is more for older than 6.
*The yarn is soft and lovely. (I haven’t used it yet)
*The rings of pegs rotate and makes handling the project easier.
IMG_6178-0*The collapsible storage bag falls off the 4 rectangle-side-pegs too easily, but even so, it’s a good idea to use it to help keep the project cleaner and neater. Or use it like a basket to hold extra yarn and things.
*The side compartments of the loom case doesn’t always open smoothly.

*My number one issue with the ‘Red Heart Laptop Knit and Loom’ is the pegs fall out of the holes on their own. I declare it’s worse than using a Martha Stewart loom. Even if you’re skilled in loom knitting and are careful, the pegs continually fall out. It’s frustrating and disappointing.
The pegs falling out  slows down progress because of having to take time to stop and replace the peg. Also, if you’re not careful it could cause drop stitches.
This is a very sad flaw in an otherwise potential fun creative experience for a child.
I don’t know what the inventors/manufacturers were thinking to allow such an important part of the set to be so low quality.

IMG_6153*The pegs falling out can be managed to an extent by using masking tape or painters tape. I’ve read some folks use a piece of yarn to help secure the pegs.




IMG_6136-2I made a hat using the inner 36 pegs of the green ring and double strands of Red Heart 4ply yarn.
It fits my head snugly. If I make another one, I’ll probably use the next size up.
I free-handed it and my basic pattern is:
Drawstring Cast On
45 rows of e-wrap
6 alternating rows of e-wrap and purl stitch
Chain 1 Bind Off

I hope this review helps if you’re thinking about purchasing a loom like this.

Happy Looming!




12 thoughts on “Red Heart Laptop Knit and Loom

    • Thanks about the red heart laptop knit and loom. I almost ordered it until I read about the pegs falling out. I was interested in it since I have RA and felt it would help me. now I will go with my original plan and get me a “lazy susan”

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      • Hi Carole,
        Welcome to my blog.
        You’re welcome. I’m happy to pass along my experience with the loom.
        The loom has a lot of good things about it, but the peg issue is a real negative.
        I’m sorry to hear about your RA. That’s a great idea to use a “lazy susan”, it might help to resolve some of the weight and handling issues which can cause pain and discomfort. I hope you’ll come back and let me know how it works out for you (and which “lazy susan” you chose.)
        Thanks for visiting and leaving me a helpful comment.
        I hope you’ll visit again some time.


      • This is a great idea- you can even get them with a hole in the middle- add a couple of hooks to keep it steady, I can’t wait to try this!

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        • Hi Angela M
          Welcome to my blog.
          I’ve been on break, so that’s why it’s taaken me so long to respond.
          Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a happy comment.
          I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  1. I would like to known why it is hard to turn the loom. When I brought the laptop at walmark, it would be easy to work. Do you have a youtube on how the laptop? Showing how the laptop turn please


    • Hi Earline
      I think it may be just the nature of the looms after using them a while. You may want to contact the manufacturer and see what they have to say about it. Or if it’s a new loom, you might could contact the place you bought it from and see if they can help you.
      I don’t have a youtube video about the loom. I haven’t made any crafting videos.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and contacting me. I’m sorry I can’t be of any help to you.


    • Hi Connie,
      Welcome to my blog.
      Unfortunately, I don’t know where new pegs are sold.
      I’m sorry I can’t be of any help.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      I hope you’ll visit again some time.


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