My laptop crashed big time

Thursday evening, my laptop had a major crash. I blame the recent Window Upgrades on my issues. Ever since their new upgrading started, my laptop hasn’t been the same. I tried every fix I could, but it was beyond quick fixes. I was afraid I was going to have to buy a new laptop.  I determined to try everything I could to fix this one before buying a new one. I had to fix this one during 12-2016 so I knew there was hope.

I had to do a factory reset on my laptop and it took it back to Windows 8.1. I lost every program I had installed: browsers, photo editors, mail client and so on. Thankfully the reset didn’t delete any of my personal files. I think that’s amazing.
I’m very grateful to whoever made the option to keep the personal files and still do a reset. It’s a blessing and spared me from having to do a lot of uploading my personal files. I back up my personal and photo files about once a month to an external drive. I had just backed them up earlier Thursday. Thankfully, I didn’t need them though.

After the success of the reset, I decided to live with Windows 8.1 for a while, but that wasn’t to be.
I began to try to install my anti-virus and it wasn’t happening.  I went searching for a fix and on the list of things to trouble-shoot was make sure your Windows program is up-to-date, well flitter! I was going to have to install Windows 10 anyway. I surfed out the download file and began the many many hours of install. After it finished, I was able to install my anti-virus with no trouble.

I surfed around in the Windows 10 and discovered that the it’s install came with the recent upgrades (that made my laptop sick) and I don’t have to worry about them trying to install and crashing my laptop again (I hope)

It took constant work, but after 24 hours from the time my laptop crashed it’s fixed. I hope this resolves the issues for another year or longer. I’ve had my laptop for around 3 years. I’m hoping I can keep it running and functioning for another year or two. Time will tell.

Wishing you all an issue free weekend.


My laptop crashed update

Well, I’m happy to report that my laptop is up and running.

It took over 20 hours, but the Dell Backup and Recovery seems to have repaired the issues. Windows 10 also did a couple hours of updates afterwards that seemed to help even more.

At the moment my laptop is running reasonable normal. I’m reloading and reinstalling my favorite programs and files. It’s almost like setting up a new pc.

I’ll be playing catch-up with my blogging this week.

Have a pleasant week.



My laptop crashed

I’ve had my laptop less than 2 years and last week it crashed. I’ve tried some of the self-help tech stuff on it, but it’s still broken.12-9-2016-ltI’m letting it run a backup and recovery program. It says it’s “attempting to repair partition table“. It’s been running it since last night. I figure I’ll let it run as long as it wants too.  My hard-drive is 1tb, I’m guessing it may take a couple days to partition it… or not… I’m so lost when it comes to pc tech stuff.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with zero computer trouble.


2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – New

2015 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

I’m starting the year off with a new Dell 15.6″ Laptop. My old gateway laptop was good for 6 years or so, but this past week the keys started falling off and it required too much attention to reboot it… sooo I went out and bought this new Dell laptop.
Within a few minutes of opening it, I put a band-aid over the camera lens. lol I’m not comfortable with that little glass-eye staring at me all the time.
This Dell was supposed to be 1tb, but it’s not, it’s only 921gb and then it’s actually 884gb because of the Windows programs.

I originally was going to replace my old gateway laptop with a tablet. I ordered a Dell Venue 8 pro 32gb. I really really liked it until I realized after a couple days that it had only about 6gb free. It went from 32gb with 11gb free to about 6gb free after updates. I was not happy at all, so I returned it and got a refund.

I’m joining in on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.
I may miss a week or so, here and there, throughout the year but I’m going to give it a try anyway.

Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!