My laptop crashed

I’ve had my laptop less than 2 years and last week it crashed. I’ve tried some of the self-help tech stuff on it, but it’s still broken.12-9-2016-ltI’m letting it run a backup and recovery program. It says it’s “attempting to repair partition table“. It’s been running it since last night. I figure I’ll let it run as long as it wants too.  My hard-drive is 1tb, I’m guessing it may take a couple days to partition it… or not… I’m so lost when it comes to pc tech stuff.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with zero computer trouble.


7 thoughts on “My laptop crashed

  1. There is this little shop near where I live that says that they can recover anything. Please let me know if it doesn’t fix itself. Although, I’m sure there are computer-fixers everywhere in the U.S. I am fortunate to have a live-in tech support. He doesn’t charge me, but I do his laundry and cook dinner on most nights in return. 😉

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  2. I hope you can get it fixed soon! Coomputer troubles are so awful, especially when you really do not know how to deal with them on your own. My laptop is about two years old now and it started giving me fits within the first couple of months I had it. I finally had J set it up with Linux for me not too long ago since it is (knock on wood) typically a more stable OS than Windows so hopefully I will not have issues with it for a long time. But no matter the OS at the end of the day it is still a computer and computers do go “poof” sometimes.

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  3. I had so many troubles with my computer, it is almost two years old, my kind husband erased all the programs and reloaded them. I hope your machine gets better soon.

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