DIY Photo Jar Vase

I did an experiment to see if I could make a vase using a photo glued to the inside of a jar.

sealglueI used Mod-Podge Outdoor Exterior Glue to glue the photo on the inside of the jar.
I let the first coat dry for a few hours and then put on a heavy second coat.
I forgot about let the jar sit a few weeks.
I covered the jar with cling wrap and put painters tape around the top.
I took the jar outside away from the house and sprayed the inside of the jar with Flex Seal.
I let the jar sit over night to allow the flex-seal to dry.
The next day I removed the tape and cling wrap.
I tied a gingham ribbon around the rim of the jar, filled it with water and put some flowers in it.
I’m happy to report that this experiment worked out quite well.

Here’s hoping all your experiments have positive results.
Have a great week!

Trying to keep from slipping up

As fun as growing older is, the part about not healing as quickly or as sufficiently as in my youth has me trying to be safer about avoiding illness and accidents especially avoiding falling. I had never crocheted myself a pair of house-slippers because I knew that they’d have a potential for slipping during a misstep and I’d go crashing down.

I came across a video showing how to skid proof crocheted house-shoes for children. Wow! I was instantly interested because the video’s method can be used on larger shoes as well. I could finally make myself a pair of of house-slippers to wear.

I made some adaptions to fit my. I chose to make a simple pair of house-slippers just to test it out and didn’t even bother with a pattern. I put Silicone on the Soles, let them dry/cure for 24 hours and then tested them out. I really liked them. The silicone works like a charm to keep me from slipping on the linoleum.

I’m going to add here, that the linoleum got super slick after my first few days of wearing my slippers. So if you use this method, be careful and pay attention to if your floors start getting slicker.

I think this method could be used on most any knitted, loom knit, crochet, felt, fabric or even socks.
A person could have a whole wardrobe of different kinds of non slip house shoes.

Here’s a sort of tutorial photo montage of how I made
My Crocheted Slippers that don’t Slip



Video: SILICONE SOLES, how to add non skid soles to knit and crochet slippers

Tutorial on a blog for felt house-shoes: Making Sippers Non-slip tutorial