Handmade Bean Pot Cord Loom

Sunday morning I woke up wanting to make some knitted cording, but I wanted it to be smaller than my Knifty Knitter cord loom makes. Some days I’m not real patient and Sunday morning was one of those times, so ordering a new loom wasn’t an option. I didn’t feel like going shopping, so I decided to make one of my own. 

Making a loom is somewhat simple if you have the right materials.
We have finishing nails which work well for loom pegs.
And after an hour of brain storming and rummaging through my craft supplies, I settled on a wooden bean pot candle holder for the base of the loom. I figured it’d be easy to drill and put nails in.

My husband is a good sport whenever I have an idea for a new creation. He’s always right there to help. I rely on his knowledge of what I call ‘Guy Stuff’ when it comes to using power tools or building anything.
We went straight to work on it at 5 am…


The finishing nails were originally 2 inches long and way too
long to use, so my husband cut them down to about 1 1/8 inch.bpcl2

I drew around a penny and drew a star in the middle to
use for a pattern for the placement of the nails

We marked where the nail pegs go.bpcl4

First drill or bore out the center hole to 1/2 inch,
then drill small holes for the nail pegs,
Lightly sand any splintery or rough spots,
make sure the center hole is smooth.

Carefully tamp the nail pegs in place.


It took about 30 minutes to get my little cord loom made.
I got some yarn and began to use it immediately.
I was pleased to discover that the upside-down bean pot shape fits
in my hand almost perfectly & made looming the cord more enjoyable.

My new cord loom turned out better than I’d hope
(and saved me some money too. I like that. 😉 )

I hope your weekend was a pleasant one.
Wishing you all a week of successful
and fun creating & crafting.