February 2021 Weather Gifts and Crafts

I hope everyone had a pleasant Valentine’s weekend and was able to spend some time with loved ones. I also hope that you all are staying warm and aren’t too iced and/or snowed in.
We had a beautiful snowfall a week ago on February 7th. It was like a winter wonderland, It melted away rather quickly.
We were fortunate over this past weekend, we got just a bit of ice. Right now we’re having a cold rain. According to the forecast, things are about to change for the worse. I’m thankful we did our grocery shopping Sunday morning.. We may be iced/snowed in for a while… hope not… we’ll see. :/

This year we wasn’t much in the mood for Valentine’s celebrating with flowers, chocolates or jewelry activities: flowers die and I rarely wear ornaments other than my wedding ring. So, no gifts is no big deal.
However when my husband hit on the perfect gifts this year, I accepted them with joy and appreciation.
Instead of a dozen roses, I got a fine gauge kb knitting loom.
Instead of gaudy pieces of jewelry, My husband and I gave each other an electric start generator. This is something we’ve wanted since we got hit by a tornado last spring 2020 and we were without electric for a week.
Right now, with threats of bad weather and possibilities of power outages in our area, it’s the perfect time for us to invest in a generator.
In crafting news… My husband and I have started a couple more diamond dot paintings. His is a fish setting and mine is mason jars with flowers. We figure, as long as we’re grounded at home still, we might as well continue to be creative. We really do enjoy this form of crafting. It’s amazing how relaxing it is.

Wishing you all a good week.
Keep warm and stay safe.





Flashback Friday – Color Palette Generator – cool online gadget

smilecI’m posting one of my most favorite gadgets. I found it many years ago when I was doing a lot of web page building. It was very helpful for making a better looking color scheme.

I think this is a really cool online gadget and it may be of
help to anyone who’s wanting to do a color theme around a certain photo:

Color Palette Generator at degraeve.com

All you do is go to the page, enter the url to the image in
their color palette search box thingy and hit enter.  And wah-lah
the matching colors and hex codes for them are right there ready to use.

In other words, if I wanted a color scheme built around my
smiley ball photo: All I have to do is enter my url for my photo
and here are my results:cpg000


Pretty neat, huh? 😉

I love cool little gadgets or widgets like this.

Color Palette Generator at degraeve.com

Wishing you all creative fun!