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Pretty Harvest of Squash

squash-6-11-2016Our squash is beginning to produce. I love how pretty they are in a picture. And how tasty they are too. 😉

Below is a photo with their variety names on them:
straight-neck squash, green egg squash & golden egg squash
squashnames-6-11-2016I was more careful this year with planting only a couple of seeds of a few varieties so we wouldn’t get caught in our normal tidal wave of squash… but squash tends to come in waves anyway…
We’ve already given away several squash and now we have this half bushel. There’s oodles of baby squash and blooms in the garden so in a few days we’ll have more. Tasty and pretty Tidal wave here we come.

Wishing you all a pretty productive week!spring-017