Flashback Friday – An Easter Gift For children (& adults)


For this Flashback Friday, I chose to re-post my free to print-off coloring pictures in honor of Easter. I hope you all or your children enjoy them. 🙂

Here’s a gift from me to you. It’s a few coloring pictures from my collection (that I drew and had posted on my ex-website many many years ago.)

I hope you’ll print these pictures off for a child or children, to color to celebrate this special weekend.

Before you print these off:
Click on the images to open a separate picture.
Do a print preview to check to see if you may need to set it to ‘landscape’ to print these off properly.
At the top of your browser on the far left hand side choose ‘File’, then choose ‘Print Preview’
At the top of the print preview page is an option for ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’
Try both and choose the one that fits the picture to the page best.

Happy Easter my Dear Blogging Buddies & Readers!


God Bless You All!
I wish you all a Safe & Pleasant Easter Weekend.