Full Worm Moon 2021!

3-29-2021: I stepped outside this morning and took a photo of the full moon. Yes, I know I should have taken it last night, but I forgot.
This full moon’s moniker is the’ Worm Moon’. it’s named because of the earthworms that might be venturing out and taking a slither across the terrain this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.
According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this full moon is known by several other names as well. Here’s a link to the article: Full Moon for March 2021

With all the storms and rain that we’ve had here lately, I expect more n’few of them slimmers might have woken up and ventured out and gone swimming.
Thankfully, the rains/storms have stopped (for a few days).
The sun is forecast to shine. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty good few days of fairly nice daily temperatures.

Wishing you all a week of sunshine and smiles.





12-30-2020 – The Last Full Moon of 2020

I think a full moon is the proper way to end 2020. I’m not sure how others feel about a full moon, but I’m holding hope that it’s lighting the way into 2021 for better days to come.
I felt that I needed to try to get a photo of the big beauty. I stepped outside and discovered that it was cloudy. I frowned as I thought I wouldn’t be able to get a clear photo of it. Thankfully, there came a nice break in the clouds and I managed to get a fairly decent photo.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday filled with happy thoughts.


This full moon is called the ‘Cold Moon’; a Mohawk name due to the cold conditions of this time of year.
It’s also been called the ‘Long Night Moon’; a Mohican name for it because of its rising on one of the longest nights of the year.
For more info about December’s full moon visit –





1-20-2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon

I know some folks think it’s corny if you pay attention to anything to do with eclipses or a super moon. I personally think it’s a bit of extra fun. Plus it gives this old gal a chance to try and take a photo of it to post on my blog. 😉

It was a cold 20°F and the wind was blowing like mad. I’d go outside to try for a photo and then dash back in the house for a few minutes and repeated doing this for about an hour. My camera refused to take a photo of the full eclipse. Here’s the best of the photos that I took last night.

I hope your week is a Happy one!





Eclipse 8-21-2017

There was heavy cloud cover over the mid-day sun 8-21-2017 . I was disappointed that we may not get to see the eclipse. In the breaks in the clouds, using our handy-dandy eclipse glasses we could see the moon moving in the path of the sun.
We figured that we wouldn’t get to even see a smidge of the full eclipse… we were wrong. At the moments of the total eclipse, the clouds thinned and we could see the shiny ring of the sun hidden behind the moon.
It was a beautiful sight. I’m so thankful that my husband and I got to share the event. My husband took a few photos and they turned out pretty good. As it turns out, the clouds helped us enjoy the view better and I think helped our camera get blurry yet pretty good pictures without burning it’s internal workings to goo.

It’s interesting what happened in the span of that couple of minutes of full eclipse.
A comfortable quiet fell on our area as the world became twilight. The temperature dropped to a degree of most-pleasant. A flock of buzzards crossed the sky flying to their roost. The hummingbirds disappeared into the woods leaving their feeders abandoned. A big beautiful bright star glowed in the western sky. Next to the fiery ring of the eclipse, smaller stars came out but were barely visable through the veil of clouds.
After a magical couple of minutes, the sunrays burst forth from the right side of the moon. Within seconds the world was back to an odd feeling normal. Curiously, the clouds burned off quickly.

We realize another full eclipse will happen again in a few years, but not in our path… unless we move or travel to see it. So being in the right spot at the right time, without planning it, makes this one is especially special to us. We feel blessed to have shared this event together. It was awesome!

Wishing you all an awesome week!



Black Swallowtail Caterpillars, Sunset, Moonrise & Ice Cream

I’ve always wanted to have black swallowtail caterpillars in my flower beds. They’re so bright and pretty and make beautiful butterflies.
My blogging buddy Patti has a flower bed and posts pretty photos of the black swallowtail caterpillars. I asked her about them. She told me to plant fennel for them.
The only fennel I could find is a bronze fennel. I bought 4 peat pots of them. I planted 2 in my herb bed and 2 in one of my small flower beds. The 2 in the herb bed are flourishing, but the 2 fennel plants in my flower bed are slow growing.

The fennel in my herb bed is where the caterpillars are. There’s oodles of the lovely critters munching in the fennel.
“Thank you so very much Patti! I’m glad I listened to you.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan the ones in the herb bed very well because I bet the birds who come to bath in our bird baths will eat up all the caterpillars. But the birds haven’t eaten them all so far, so maybe a few of the caterpillars will mature into butterflies.However, Maybe the fennel in my small flower bed by the porch will take a growth spurt and the butterflies will lay some eggs on them. The birds never are in that flower bed because my rain chain and dangly chain keeps them scared off.

Oh yes and also, I planted a small dill plant in the herb bed and was surprised to see that it has 2 black swallowtail caterpillars on it. I didn’t know the caterpillars would hatch and grow on dill. Cool!~*~
June 1 2017 had a glorious fiery sunset.
It was a beautiful sight to see.

June 2, 2017 was clear and the moon in it’s first quarter stood out clearly in the early-evening blue sky.~*~
Oh one more thing, we won the lottery! That’s right folks our ticket brought in a whopping $2.00.
We were selfish and blew the whole winnings on a couple of vanilla ice cream cones.
The ice cream was a rare fun treat and a tasty way to enjoy our lottery winnings.

Wishing you all joy and fun
and oodles of good fortune.


November 14-2016 Supermoon

p1090351Here’s a couple of photos of the supermoon: one at midnight and one from 4 am.

Nasa says that this supermoon cycle last happened in 1948. That announcement touched my heart. 1948 was the year my parents got married. I wish they were still with us to enjoy the brilliant moon.

Nasa says this supermoon cycle won’t happen again until 2034; 18 years from now. I’ll be 74 then and I sure hope I’m healthy enough to be aware of it and maybe even remember that I shared about it on my blog way-back-when in 2016. Oh you know what would be cool, if I still have a blog then. I wonder if there will still be blogging… time will tell…

The news says that we should be able to continue to see the supermoon this evening. I may try to get some more photos. The world is so bright outside.

I wish you all many happy years of brilliant moons to come.


excerpts from article:
“…the full moon won’t come as close to Earth again until 2034.”
“The moon will turn full so quickly after it reaches the perigee on Nov. 14 that it should arguably be called an “extra-supermoon,” NASA officials said in the blog post. Modern astrologers first coined the term “supermoon.”
Largest supermoon since 1948 to light up night sky


November 14-2016 Largest Supermoon since 1948 – Mark your calendars

img_4436According to Nasa, If you look up at the night sky November 14, 2016 you you might see Largest supermoon since 1948.
If you’re able to see the brilliant beautiful moon, I hope you’ll grab a camera and snap a few photos to document the event.

Mark your calendars for this Super Event!
and keep your fingers crossed that
there isn’t any clouds covering it.

excerpts from article:
“…the full moon won’t come as close to Earth again until 2034.”
“The moon will turn full so quickly after it reaches the perigee on Nov. 14 that it should arguably be called an “extra-supermoon,” NASA officials said in the blog post. Modern astrologers first coined the term “supermoon.”
Largest supermoon since 1948 to light up night sky


2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Half and Half & Close Up – Blue Moon one day early

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

~Half and Half~~Close Up~

IMG_4435 Yesterday evening 7-31-2015 around 8 pm,  we were coming home from town and saw a magnificent moon glowing beautifully against the blue sky. When we got home, I grabbed my camera and we went for a drive to try and get a photo of the gorgeous moon. My camera doesn’t do very well in low light, but I clicked away in hopes of capturing at least one fairly decent photo. The moon actually looked like a small sun in my photos of the horizon.

IMG_4441I focused in on the moon about half-full zoom, when I clicked the photo, the blue skies disappeared and and the moon glowed against the black of space. I don’t understand why? Nor do I understand why in the dimness of nightfall, on full-zoom, my camera picked up the terrain of the moon as well as it did. I thought sure it would be a blurry mess. My camera is a Canon SX500 IS and My photos aren’t NASA quality, but I’m happy with them.

Click on this photo to open open up a larger photo

Click on this photo to open open up a larger photo

Anyhow, I loaded the photos on my computer and decided that a moon so big and bright had to have some significance, I looked it up on a search engine and discovered that there is a blue moon predicted for tonight Friday 31, July. Cool, that explains why the moon was so brilliant last night, Thursday, 30 July. It was just preparing for tonight.

As I looked at my moon photos, I thought they would sort-of do for the challenges of “Half and Half” & “Close Up”… (and since I missed quite a few weeks of the WP Weekly Photo Challenge, I’m happy to join in with this posting.)


Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!z00m

*A blue moon is is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year. Wiki: Blue Moonspacer2