Bruschetta & Shrimp

5-8-2016We made Bruschetta using fresh picked green onions on Mother’s Day. I fixed a small plate with fresh picked chard, shrimp, bruschetta and cocktail sauce.
Cocktail sauce and shrimp is really good.
Bruschetta and shrimp is really good.
Bruschetta and cocktail sauce is not as tasty, the cocktail sauce overpowered the bruschetta. It was okay, it’s just not something I plan to serve together on one plate again. Oh well, You live, you cook, you learn and carry on.
It was a pretty plate and a nice little snack for back porch sitting and enjoying the day.

I hope the weather is pleasant where you are
and you can find time to get out and enjoy it!

Snow in May & Sweet Mother’s day

P1000658The storms made my snowball bush look like it actually has snow around it. That’s pretty neat looking for this time of year.P1000656

g1I got a sweet Mother’s Day gift. I much prefer this type of gift to flowers. We love the fruit and snacks. The boxes are so pretty that I’ll keep them for years to come. g2

I hope you all are having good weather
and will have a chance to get outside and enjoy it.

Wishing you all a sweet Mother’s Day Weekend!