2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Screech is Waiting for Spring

2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

“ Share a snapshot that shows a sense of waiting. ”
Screech has his feathers back now and is as handsome as ever.
The Summer’s almost over,
Screech’s duties to the nest are over for this year.
Once again he’s returned to our barn for resting
and waiting until the next Spring nesting season.

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!


Screech came for a short visit

Screech came to visit the other day.
He’s molting and looks most unsettled.
It was good to see him again.


Thankfully, we’re finally getting some rain. The storms are few and far between. I’m not a fan of storms, but as long as they’re giving us rain, I don’t mind them a bit… at the moment… In our area (so far) The land is drinking up the rain about as fast as it falls and hits the ground. We’re due for more over the next few days. When the weather allows, we sit outside and enjoy the cooler weather brought by the rains. The cooler temperatures are a refreshing bonus of the storms too.

I hope your week is a good one!


WildLife Wednesday – Screech

1-15-2017-hootScreech has been spending a great deal of time here during the milder weather. He’s so used-to us that he didn’t open his eyes but a crack when we were in the barn. It gives us a big smile to see this fine-feathered friend trust us enough not to fly away whenever he sees us. I’m glad we didn’t disturb his nap.

Screech has been visiting our barn from time-to-time since 2013. It’s possible that he was there before then and we didn’t know about it. I did a quick search on screech owls and discovered that the oldest one they knew of out in the wild lived to be 14 years and in captivity they could live to be 20 years. Thankfully, his life span is a lot longer than I would have guessed. Hopefully, we’ll have many years of his visits ahead to enjoy.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!



WildLife Wednesday – Screech

P1040378bEvery time we walk into our barn the first thing we do is look for Screech, even though he hasn’t visited since last year. Last Saturday, we were tickled to see him ‘peeking’ out of his favorite cubby hole.P1040378aWe hadn’t seen Screech since last year. We thought he left to find another place to live because a guy got greedy and cut down several acres of trees in the woods near our home. (Yes, I know the guy owns the land and it’s his right to log it off, but it doesn’t change our being unhappy about it…)

We figure Screech and his Mrs. nested each year in that batch of woods. The area looks so bare and treeless with huge stumps and limbs laying dying and scattered around. We were sad to think that we may never see Screech again.

P1040389a*I apologize for the sad quality of these photos. I didn’t use a flash because I was afraid I’d frighten Screech. I took probably a dozen photos and only a couple of ones turned out clear enough to tell that Screech is an owl. I used a photo edtitor to try and clean the photos up. I made crops out of the original photos for the close-ups… P1040389b

Screech wasn’t in the barn Sunday. We’re sad he didn’t stay. My husband says that Screech is probably testing out places to visit while hunting and maybe sleep this winter. I figure he’s right. Screech must be quite traumatized from the destruction of his woodland home. He may even be testing our barn to see if it’s still safe or if it too is going to be taken away from him. Bless his heart and bless all the other critters who suffered the trauma and loss of the woodlands.

We’re happy that at least for an afternoon, we got to see Screech again and know he’s still surviving.

Wishing you all a wonderful wildlife Wednesday!


WildLife Wednesday – Screech

IMG_3276Screech came for a visit July 5th.
He stayed for the day and left early in the evening.
We figure the fireworks disturbed his usuall home and he used our shed as a safe house to rest and get his nerves calm again.

For those of you who may be new to my blog and not familiar with Screech, he’s a screech owl that spends winters in our shed.

Monday Mix – 4-7-2014

IMG_8710The screech owl that my husband named Screech is still with us. I apologize for the photo but it was looking straight at me and I didn’t want to use the flash. I didn’t want to hurt it’s eyes. I’m surprised it’s still here. I figured it was just wintering over in our barn. But maybe this means it’s a girl and will have baby screechlettes sometime this summer. That would be so fun. It makes me smile just to think of it. If you click on it’s name, Screech, you can see better and clearer photos of it.

IMG_8767I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I also hope you was able to get out and enjoy some sunshine.
We had mostly sunny days and storms at night. Our temps varied from low 30’s to high 60’s. This time of year is so goofy that way.



Don’t laugh… I harvested my first ever asparagus. I’m tickled pink about it. This is the 3rd year since I started the seed, so I picked it. Hopefully in a few days there will be a few more stalks ready for harvest and I’ll pick them and add them to these and cook them up for us to eat. I’ll let you know how that plan goes.
Okay you can laugh now. lol 😉



My seedlings are coming along nicely. They look a little scraggly but soon I’ll transplant them into bigger containers and hopefully they’ll look stronger and healthy.

IMG_8738The flora and fauna are trying so hard to come out for the year. I discovered a ladybug in one of my pear tree photos. I guess it was trying to stay sheltered in the tree and weather out the storms.

IMG_8799Our pear trees are loosing they’re blooms now. I wish they’d keep them longer. There’s not much prettier tree than one in full bloom.

IMG_8781The dandelions are blooming everywhere. They require so little to survive and they’re quite cheerful.

IMG_8828And last but not least for this Monday mix
Here’s a sneak peek of the colors of yarn of a crochet project I started last week. Hopefully, I’ll finish it soon and then I’ll post a photo of the finished project.

Here’s wishing you all a lovely week of sunshine & smiles.


Redwork & an Owl

Hello everyone, I’m E.C., I quit blogging last summer to take care of offline things for awhile.
I closed my blog called ‘Enjoying Creating’ and deleted it and all my blog posts.
I did it because it bothers me when I visit blogs that haven’t been active in a long time and I didn’t want my readers & blogging buddies to go through a long stalled idle time with my blog.

I missed blogging and I missed my blogging buddies, but now I’m back. It’ll probably take me a bit to get back in the swing of blogging. Hopefully with this new blog home, slowly but surely I can make it an enjoyable place to visit for years to come.

One of the reasons I’m opening a new blog is to keep up with my crafts again. At the moment, I’m going to post my progress on my redwork embroidery throw. I plan to start tomorrow and post a photo of a block each day. I’m hoping to have the throw finished by Christmas. I was inspired to make this throw when I was visiting my blogging buddy’s blog ‘EMZ-Piney Post‘  Charlotte’s very talented in quilting, embroidery, sewing, farming and many other wonderful things. I had never heard of Redwork until I saw it on her blog. I love the idea of only using one color.  It’s quite enjoyable. I send big thanks out to Charlotte. 🙂

Last month or so this handsome character moved into our barn. It’s a screech owl, but we don’t know if it’s male or female. My husband has named it Screech. We try to stay out of the barn as much as possible because we don’t want to scare it off. When we have to make a trip into the barn, Screech swivels his head and watches us. We’re so happy to have him/her staying in our barn. We hope it’s visit will be for a long time to come.

It’s Sunday, November 3, 2013 and the first day of ‘Falling Back’ and hour. My dear hubby took care of resetting the manual clocks. I’m glad because I had forgotten about it. 😉

I guess this is all for me at the moment.
Welcome to my new blog.
Thanks for dropping by.
Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by.