Candy Cane decor

cannycaneI made a candy cane decoration out of empty paper towel tubes. It was harder than I thought it’d be to make the rounded crook of the cane. It took a few tries, but I figured it out and finally got one to came out fairly adequate.

Now on to my next project… whatever will it be…

I hope your week is filled with success
and Happy craftings!


Handmade Easel

p1080430In order to do my painting for my mix-medium project, I felt I needed an easel. I shopped around online and found the table top ones to be fairly reasonable in price. However, I’m not sure how much painting I’m going to be doing, so I decided to make one.

It took me no time at all, to decide to make an easel out of empty paper towel tubes. I can make more easels anytime I need to.

I realize there’s probably standard regulation on the manufactured easels, but this one works quite well for me.

p1080446My easel is light weight and moves too easily, so I wired it to a cardboard tray that comes with our bottles of water. This worked out better than I planned because I can hold the cardboard steady or move it into better angles to paint the canvas. I can easily change it when it gets too messy.

And there you have it. Another invention from the crafty mind of me. 🙂

Wishing you all much success with your crafty creations.