Handmade Easel

p1080430In order to do my painting for my mix-medium project, I felt I needed an easel. I shopped around online and found the table top ones to be fairly reasonable in price. However, I’m not sure how much painting I’m going to be doing, so I decided to make one.

It took me no time at all, to decide to make an easel out of empty paper towel tubes. I can make more easels anytime I need to.

I realize there’s probably standard regulation on the manufactured easels, but this one works quite well for me.

p1080446My easel is light weight and moves too easily, so I wired it to a cardboard tray that comes with our bottles of water. This worked out better than I planned because I can hold the cardboard steady or move it into better angles to paint the canvas. I can easily change it when it gets too messy.

And there you have it. Another invention from the crafty mind of me. 🙂

Wishing you all much success with your crafty creations.


16 thoughts on “Handmade Easel

  1. Oh how clever! I need an easle for my paintings but I tend to work with larger canvases and do crazy things like throwing egg shells filled with paint at them (an outside in nice weather only project, obviously lol and bits of egg shell tend to get stuck in the paint and you can’t always find them all to pick them out before the paint dries and once it dries you see them, but it’s still fun!) so when I do get around to getting/making one I will need one that’s larger and a bit more “heavy duty” but this is so great for smaller projects! I do smaller paintings and mixed media pieces sometimes too so I think I can make use of this for sure. 😀

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    • Thanks CW
      I hope you’ll post some photos of your paintings. Sounds fascinating. I bet they’re very artistic. It sounds like oodles of fun the way you paint. I think egg shells would give a painting texture and character.
      I’m using the 8×10 size since it’s fairly new craft to me and I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in it just yet.
      I really enjoyed making the mixed medium project. I hope I can think of another project to do sometime.


      • All of my paintings are currently in Pittsburgh; but I might have some pictures of them on my external hard drive. I am still trying to go through all my folders to organize everything so as I continue that chore if I find any I’ll keep that in mind. I have not found a good craft/art supply store locally here yet but since I am going back to Pittsburgh (eventually, just no clue when yet lol) it is not a big deal. I’m very lucky in that there is an AWESOME arts and crafts store close to where I am in Pittsburgh and they have loads of canvas sizes that are all very reasonably priced. They have the couple more standard sizes of course but also smaller and larger sizes and even different shapes than the standard rectangular canvas. There is not much I would miss about Pittsburgh if I moved away permanently but that store is one thing I’d definitely miss, a lot. It’s one of those stores where you have to be careful because you go in for one or two specific things and before you know it you have a shopping cart full of stuff and hundreds of crafting ideas taking over your brain. It’s fantastic! lol

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        • Hey CW
          I hope you have a photo. Your style of painting sounds like a good way to release stress.
          Sounds like my kind of store. Oh I do enjoy reasonably priced craft supplies.
          It’s sad that every town doesn’t have a store like that. Do they have a website? 🙂


            • Thanks so much CW
              I wish we had a store like that in our area.
              Your method of painting sounds like something I may try someday. 🙂


              • I have not yet come across any pictures of any of the egg shell paintings, they may still be on a spare SD card. Like all the files I have on the computer alone are not too much, now I remember that SD card… haha

                Anyway if you do try out the egg shell paintings, here are some tips: while saving up the egg shells to do this, I found it was best to crack the eggs close to the top of the narrow end with a knife. The goal was just to maintain as much of the shell as possible. Then of course rinse them out and let them dry well. Then when you’ve got enough of them saved up and are ready, less is more with how much paint goes into them. I learned this the hard way. A teaspoon or so at most is sufficient. It may take a few throws to get the hang of how hard to throw and how far away to stand from your canvas to get the splatter effect you want. You might want to play a bit with the angle you have the canvas propped at too (I had mine propped against a tree). Once you’re done lay the canvas flat somewhere for the paint to dry to minimize drips, unless you want them of course! And maybe pick out some of the egg shell pieces if you can/want as well. Tweezers help with that step. It takes time to prep for this kind of painting what with having to save up egg shells as you use eggs, but it’s really quite fun!

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                • Awesome CW
                  Thanks so much for posting your very helpful tutorial and suggestions. I’ll definitely use it if/when I try your painting method someday. Thanks again for sharing your fun and cathartic method. 🙂


  2. How is your homemade easel performing for you? Are you mainly using it for drawings or water color paintings? I, myself, do a range of art media, including oil paintings. I do professional artwork and art instruction. Your easel might be a good introduction to young artists, especially young artists who like to make everything by hand. I usually use a French easel, but my sister made me a pochade by upcycling a wooden cigar box. It is aesthetically made and works well, and I appreciated her efforts to make it as a gift to me. If you would like to see some of my artwork, please see my blogs. Thank you for a view of an interesting idea. CharityGoodwinUS.com


    • Hi CharityGoodwinUS
      Welcome to my blog.
      My easel is holding up good for my painting.
      It sounds like talent runs in your family.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.

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