Dreaming of a Picnic

1-picnicblanketPicnic weather is finally here. Hopefully I’ll be able to use my picnic blanket sometime this Summer.
I made it last year using my Martha Stewart loom set, but never got a chance to use it outside.
2-picnicblanketMy picnic blanket is about 62″x 44″
After I got it all together and finished, I washed it and laid it wrong side up on the floor so I could clip/tie off  any loose yarn ends. My grandson laid down on it. Like a toddler following in his big brothers footsteps Shelibean laid down on it too. They looked so comfy that it made me wonder if it’s more of a napping blanket instead of a picnic blanket. lol I’m glad they laid on it and I was able to click off a couple photos because it kind of helps give an idea of the size.
The squares are half red and half other colors. I positioned them in a manner to be a zigzag type pattern.
I wove red & white triangles to fill in the sides and corners.3-picnicblanket5-picnicblanketThe only thing I would have done differently with my picnic blanket is I would have made it one row of squares wider so the zigzag would be pointing the same way on each side. I didn’t realize it until I had it mostly sewn together and I wasn’t about to take it apart.

I’m quite pleased with my blanket. I’ve gotten many compliments on it. Most folks are fascinated that I used a Martha Stewart Loom set to weave it. I tell them it was somewhat like making a quilt. I made the blocks and then hand sewed them all together. It took alot of time to make all the blocks, but it’s so worth it when I see my finished creation.

picnicI hope you all have warm sunny days
to have many fun filled picnics.
Have a great rest of the week!


Here’s a video I found on youtube that shows
how to weave the triangles on a square loom: