Broken Apple

10-24-2016-appletater1I’m one of those folks who believes that apples help keep potatoes from sprouting too quickly. The other day I opened my potato bin to get out some potatoes and was a bit surprised when I saw that the apple had burst open. I picked it up expecting it to be mushy or soft, but it was firmer than a fresh apple and had dried out in the open wound.10-24-2016-appletater2I don’t know what variety it was. We’d bought the apples at a small grocery store and didn’t keep the bag.
I tossed out the broken apple and put a new apple in the bin. I hope it doesn’t burst open too.

10-24-2016-appletater3Over the years, I’ve kept different varieties of apples with my potatoes. They last a long time, after a few weeks I toss them next to the woods for whatever critter may want them. This strange apple bursting open is a first for me. I can’t figure out what happened to it. I think it’s just so odd. :/

I hope your day is a good one.


Homemade Potato Bin

1aRecently I decided we needed a new potato bin for our kitchen. I wanted a small one to set on the counter. I shopped online but couldn’t find one made the way I wanted. I talked it over with my husband and he suggested we build our own potato bin. Together we designed the new potato bin. We gathered the supplies over a couple weeks, but it took my husband only a few hours to make the bin. I’m pleased with our new potato bin. It looks a lot better in reality than in the photo, it has a rustic charm sitting on our counter.

Wishing you all a successful week.


Edited in:
*My potato bin is large enough to hold 10 pounds of potatoes.
*My husband didn’t use any stain on the wood inside the bin. We worried that the potatoes might pick up chemicals from the stain. I wiped the inside of the bin out with bleach water to hopefully deter any molds or mildew on the wood and then I let it air out over night.
*I added an open top plastic box as a drawer to keep the potatoes off of the wood. My main reason for this is that potatoes don’t all age at the same speed and sometimes one may go bad and ooze a stench of nastiness. I can’t imagine ever being fully successful at cleaning the stench out of the wood.