Tea Set Redwork Block

1-10-2014rwI drew this tea set when I was remembering the toy tea sets I had as a child. I can’t remember if they were ceramic or china, I just remember they were beautiful to me. I felt so grown up when I played with them. I spent many a hour having tea parties with my baby dolls and stuffed animals. I had indoor and outdoor tea parties and it was such good fun. I don’t have any of the tea sets from my childhood. I figure they were lost or broken or given away as the years passed.

In the decades since then, on more than a couple of occasions, I’ve stood in the toy department of different stores, admiring the toy tea sets that look like the ones from my youth. I’ve even put a set in my cart to purchase but then I put it back on the shelf. I don’t need a set and I don’t have a granddaughter to justify my buying one. But oh how my old silly heart wants one so much. Must be that inner child or second childhood or something like that going on.

I smiled while I was embroidering this tea set. I enjoyed remembering warm days of a palet on the ground, surrounded by my toys sharing the finest tea served in the finest tea set in all the land of make believe.

Ahh nostalgia, gotta love it. 😉

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.


Hummingbird Redwork Block

1-9-2014rwSo far, this hummingbird block has been one of the favorites of all the blocks that folks have seen it in person.
I’m partial to it because it was one of my favorite coloring pictures that I drew. I’ve always been pleased with the way it turned out. Over the years, I’ve used it for a few other things and am happy to have it on my redwork quilt.

Here’s an animation I made using my hummingbird and roses.
Imagine my disappointment to learn that in real life hummingbirds don’t like roses.
Oh well, I like my animation just the same. 🙂
And here’s a big static graphic I made with my roses and hummingbirds.

Since the cold winds of winter are here in a record setting freeze,
hopefully the warm breezes of Spring will set a record and will arrive early and stay for awhile.

Wishing you all a beautiful day.
Keep warm and stay safe.

Redwork Block 11 – Clock & Progress report


Anytime I see a double bell wind up clock, I think of my Mother, especially if it’s a brass one. All through my youth, I’d watch my Mom set her brass alarm clock for the next morning & wind it up. The thing about Mom and alarm clocks is she really didn’t need one. She was one of those gifted people who could stay up late talking, cooking or sewing and still rise before dawn bright-eyed and ready to greet the day. I wish I could’ve inherited that gift from her. I don’t remember her ever sleeping late in the morning unless she was seriously ill.

I never have figured out how to set a wind up clock to alarm at the correct time. Thankfully my generation was blessed with digital clock radios by the time I was grown and needed to wake up to one on my own.

I thought my cartoony alarm clock would make a fun addition to my redwork quilt. I still have many many blocks to go, so there may be more silliness appear embroidered in red before I get finished.

And now it’s ‘time’ for an update of my progress over the past couple weeks. 😉

~Redwork Block Progress~


I think my Redwork quilt top is looking okay. Here’s eleven blocks I’ve embroidered during the past two weeks. They look better in real life.

Honestly, my redwork quilt top isn’t dingy or dirty like it looks in the photo. For some reason my camera yellows & grays on the edges of a photo when I use the flash. I hate it because it looks awful, but I wanted to show you all how it’s looking so far.

And now on to next weeks blocks… wonder what memories or anecdotes will be sparked.
Stay tuned. 🙂

Wishing you all fun & joy in crafting.

Redwork block 10 – Fluffy Cat


I drew this fluffy cat is honor of a magnificent cat that we had many years ago named Einstein. He weighed in at around 25 lbs & had gorgeous fluffy orange hair. He was a comical character always nosing into things. He was with us for 9 years.
Sometimes he’d go in another room and then it seemed like he was lost. He’d sit in the room and cry until we’d go rescue him.
In the mornings before our alarm clock would go off, he’d wake one or both of us up by nibbling on our eyebrows. That was really an odd feeling to wake up too. lol
Einstein was such a curious character and we loved him dearly.


Redwork block 9 – Happy Puppy

IMG_5780This happy puppy reminds me of our dog Princess Penny.  She was a special part of our family for about 7 years. She was a mix breed, but we thought of her as a lemon beagle. She was a hefty dog of around 54 pounds. She was a wonderful guard dog. She let us know when anyone was even walking past the house.

Unfortunately, Penny had some serious health problems that caused her to pass-away at a young age. The vet said that health-wise, she was dealt a bad hand at birth. By the time she passed away she had lost down to skin and bones. She was so pitiful.

Over the years and in Penny’s last days, You could tell when she was in pain or hurting and yet when we spoke to her, she would wag her tail and put on her happy ears. That’s what I called it when she looked happy.  She’d look up at me with such a sweet face that I would want to cry and hold her close to me forever. It was like she tried so hard to keep us from worrying about her. She was my special girl.