2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise

2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

“Much of photography is about discovery, and with discovery may come a surprise.”


I went looking at the dogwood blooms to see if the
small yellow flowers in the middle had opened.
It was a surprise to me to find a big bloom
that two of the petals had stayed locked together.

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!



November Tomatoes

tomato1With the first cold night, I covered my volunteer Cherry Tomato vine with cheese cloth. Until Tuesday evening, I left the cheesecloth on the tomato vine 24/7. I checked the tomatoes and was delighted to see they’re turning. It won’t be long until we have some fresh tomatoes in November.tomato4I’m going to leave the cheese cloth half-off of the vine until the weather turns cold again.

I figured it up and this is the second year on the volunteer tomatoes in that small bed, so it’s a wonder that the vine grew healthy at all. I hope the tomatoes have a good taste to them.

I am beyond tickled about these November tomatoes.
What a rare treat they are.