Tomato Juice

P1030894bThe first batch of tomato juice is finished and in the freezer. It’s now ready to be thawed either to be drank or used in cooking. I didn’t add anything to my juice: no sugar, no salt, no herbs. More tomatoes are ripe and ripening, so I’ll probably up to my elbows in juice making again soon.

I poured some fresh juice in a glass. It’s foamy and thick, so I added a spoon of water and the foam bubbles rose to the top where I dipped most of them off. I stirred in a bit of salt and it tasted quite good.

I’ve never froze tomato juice before so I don’t know how it’ll do; I figure it should do okay.
I’m happy to be finished for now. Hopefully I can get caught up on my blogging.

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday.

Monday Misc: peppers, tomatoes, lilies, juice, cookies

0prplpprI thought some of you may be interested in seeing the inside of a purple bell pepper; it’s cream color. Who’d of thunk it? It was an amusing surprise  to me. I looked it up on the internet and it’s supposed to be that way, so that’s pretty neat.
As for what the purple pepper tastes like, I used it in a sauce and it tasted like a normal bell pepper to me. We haven’t found anymore ripe peppers. From what I can tell we have about 4 purple pepper plants. That’s okay, the 50+ other plants have lots of fruit, so we’ll be bell pepper poor by the end of the season.

0chrkprlWe rescued a large Cherokee purple tomato from the garden when it was just turning. I set it in the kitchen window and after a few days it ripened all the way. It was mighty tasty. There’s nothing like home grown tomatoes. This will be the last Cherokee Purple tomato that we get. The storms made a mess of the tomato patch and the Cherokee purples that are on the vines are culls. But they won’t go to waste because as they ripen the deer eat them up.

P1030624My tiger lilies are blooming. The blooms makes me think of my Mom. I grew these from seeds off her tiger lilies and she grew hers from Grandma’s tiger lilies. It always brings a bittersweet smile to my heart.

7-11-2016-tomatoI’m making tomato juice today. Our Early Girl Tomatoes are producing quite well even with the storm damage they’ve been hammered with. I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I’m making juice and then I’m going to freeze it.

P1030588bCookies with directions printed right on the back…
Not sure what that says about our society,
but it gave me a good chuckle.

Until I get the tomatoes done, I can’t do any blog visiting or commenting. Don’t give up on me, I’ll be around as soon as I can. I’m making this post while the tomatoes are cooking. Wish me luck to get the job done soon.

Wishing you all a pleasant week.