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New Tube Scarf & new method for finishing the ends

IMG_7178This my new tube scarf that I’ve been working on for the past couple of days. I finished it last night.

It’s called a tube scarf because it’s made like one long tube.0128140807a

My scarf is about 3 inches wide
about 60 inches long
two strands of yarn – warm brown & buff
e stitch
Martha Stewart loom – 18 pink pegs-spacedIMG_7185

I enjoy making tube scarves, but I’m not a fan of the way the ends sometimes look. The ends either roll or have an edging from doing a series of garter stitches to keep the edges from rolling.
I liked the garter stitch edge, but I wanted something a bit different. I couldn’t think of any thing until I surfed across ‘Sheepishly Sharing‘ blog. The blog owner is Margaret. She has a Addi Express knitting machine. It’s an amazing machine that looks like it does loom knitting faster than using hand looms. I dream of someday having one of the wonderful machines.

Margaret has a video posted that she made called ‘Getting Clean, Straight Edges on a Knitted Tube Scarf’. She has figured out a very clever way to keep the ends nice and crisp.

Since my tube scarf is made on a handheld knitting loom, I used her idea as a springboard and did my scarf a little different than the method she created.
*On the start end when the scarf was about 12 inches long. I unraveled the cast-on rows and then crocheted the tube sides together to make it flat.
*When my scarf was the length I wanted I took a darning needle and wove it in and out of the loops on the pegs and carefully removed the loops without pulling the thread anymore than I had too. When the scarf was off the loom, I crocheted the tube sides together to make it flat.
*I finished the scarf ends with few rows of Crocheted Fence Stitch and to give it a bit of lacy look.

Thanks Margaret for sharing your idea. You helped me to learn a new method to use to make loom knitting more enjoyable. 🙂

I love m new scarf. I think the ends make it look pretty. It’s really cold here, so I’ll be putting it to use here pretty quick.

If you all get a chance go and visit Margaret’s blog, she has lots of pretty and fun stuff to see and do.

Wishing everyone a creative and
pleasant rest of the week.