Happy 7th Anniversary to me at WordPress!

Wow! 7 years with WordPress. I’ve had a few blogs open and close since I signed up with WordPress.
I enjoy sharing things and making blogging buddies. I look forward to more years of visiting your blogs and reading the wonderful thoughts you share.

To my Blogging Buddies, Readers and Visitors,
Thank you all!

Thank you WordPress for making such a great blogging community.



5th Anniversary with WordPress

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years.
I’ve had a few different blogs since then,
I keep my spot here because WordPress.com is a wonderful place.
A big Thank you to WordPress for making this an enjoyable community to be in.
Most of all, I stay for my (patient), friendly and supportive Blogging Buddies & Readers.
You all are a blessing to my life and bring many smiles to my heart.
Thank you for always being here for me (even during my many breaks.)
I look forward to a New Year of blogging along here with you all.