Distracted – ice & snow

IMG_9095Let me start off with a disclaimer: I realize that there’s regions snowed totally under and you are free to snicker at my snow & ice photos. My warm postive thoughts are with you all. cloudhug Please remember though, that for us, this below zero icy cold snowy weather is still miserable, dangerous and beautiful.

IMG_9068It iced earlier this week and it’s snowed for a couple of days. I find it a bit ironic how I started buying seeds and posting about deciding to have a garden this year and then this crazy weather hits… ~bummer~

Our electric and internet has been blinky, I’m working on crafts and trying to keep myself distracted from not being able to blog or surf and stuff. 

I wanted to try and make a post to let you all know that I’m still around. I’ll be by to visit and comment whenever I can.

I hope you all are keeping warm and safe during these freezing days of winter.snowmanspflwrsln



18 thoughts on “Distracted – ice & snow

  1. This extreme weather is unusual for us, too. 15 this morning with a wind chill of 0 – and 6-8 inches of snow on Monday, that isn’t going ANYWHERE with these temps!
    Stay warm and safe!

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  2. Stay warm E.C. It was 26 degrees this morning here in Pensacola, Florida. The high in Miami, Florida is only going to be in the 40’s! We are all getting it. ❤

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  3. Stay safe – that ice is mighty dangerous but your photographs are beautiful. You will start your garden eventually!
    We have our own unique problems here with a Cyclone battering our eastern shores of Queensland – Category 5 on landfall in about an hour. I am further south of it, but will still be impacted by it; we are already experiencing flooding. Just another day in sunny Queensland!

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    • Thanks Patti
      All the melting during the day turns into a sheet of ice at night. Hopefully, the night temps will warm up soon. Stay safe & warm.


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