Potholders on a Martha Stewart loom

IMG_8531The other day I needed a potholder. I went to my dishcloth/potholder drawer and discovered that all my potholders were in the washing machine. It was then I realized that I had only 4 potholders and needed more.
I thought about sewing some up and I may yet, but I needed one sooner than I could pull my fabric and supplies together and make one.

I remembered that back in early winter my Bff had given me a bag of cotton craft loops. They’re sort of a teri-cloth type, but I figured they’d work. I needed a loom though. Thank goodness for my Martha Stewart loom set. I put together a loom that was a big as the loop would stretch and I began happily weaving.

IMG_8525I discovered early on that if I used the normal bind-off that the potholder would be too small. I decided to stitch the edge with cotton yarn and bind it off that way.

IMG_8518On the first potholder, I weaved cotton yarn throughout it and crocheted around the edge, but I really don’t like the way it looks, so the others I just stitched around the outside loops.

I like my new potholders, they’re not pretty and have wonky stitches, but they work and that’s the important thing.

I thanked my Bff for the loops. I enjoyed making several nice size heavy potholders with them and wished that she was here making some too.

Here’s wishing you all a good day with
quick resolutions to any issues that arise.



8 thoughts on “Potholders on a Martha Stewart loom

    • Thanks Dianna
      It’s my Bff’s fault. She got me addicted to them and I can’t go a day without looming something. lol 🙂


  1. I didn’t know Martha made looms. She’s getting around isn’t she? I heard her on the radio today and she was advertising a new coffee she was endorsing and co-creating with some kind of infusion for energy, weight-loss, etc. Wow.


    • Hey Renee
      I guess MS is getting to the point where she’s having to spread her investments into other areas. She is an industry unto herself. She has a really good idea with the looms. I wished she would do just a bit of upgrading on them and the set would be unbeatable on the market.


  2. Oh my goodness ~ what a flashback for me. I haven’t loomed pot holders in years. But recently I started sewing some so I think I’ll stick to that. Enjoy your looming.


    • Thanks Cher
      I plan on sewing some potholders, it’s on my to-do list. I bought some heat resistant batting last fall, but haven’t gotten around to making the potholders yet. I get sidetracked too easily. lol 🙂


  3. Nothing like going and whipping up whatever it is you need! How timely to have everything you need on hand.


    • I agree Patti
      This is why I love being a crafter. The supplies can be used for so many projects and are quite handy to keep on hand. 🙂


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