Monday Mix – 4-7-2014

IMG_8710The screech owl that my husband named Screech is still with us. I apologize for the photo but it was looking straight at me and I didn’t want to use the flash. I didn’t want to hurt it’s eyes. I’m surprised it’s still here. I figured it was just wintering over in our barn. But maybe this means it’s a girl and will have baby screechlettes sometime this summer. That would be so fun. It makes me smile just to think of it. If you click on it’s name, Screech, you can see better and clearer photos of it.

IMG_8767I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I also hope you was able to get out and enjoy some sunshine.
We had mostly sunny days and storms at night. Our temps varied from low 30’s to high 60’s. This time of year is so goofy that way.



Don’t laugh… I harvested my first ever asparagus. I’m tickled pink about it. This is the 3rd year since I started the seed, so I picked it. Hopefully in a few days there will be a few more stalks ready for harvest and I’ll pick them and add them to these and cook them up for us to eat. I’ll let you know how that plan goes.
Okay you can laugh now. lol 😉



My seedlings are coming along nicely. They look a little scraggly but soon I’ll transplant them into bigger containers and hopefully they’ll look stronger and healthy.

IMG_8738The flora and fauna are trying so hard to come out for the year. I discovered a ladybug in one of my pear tree photos. I guess it was trying to stay sheltered in the tree and weather out the storms.

IMG_8799Our pear trees are loosing they’re blooms now. I wish they’d keep them longer. There’s not much prettier tree than one in full bloom.

IMG_8781The dandelions are blooming everywhere. They require so little to survive and they’re quite cheerful.

IMG_8828And last but not least for this Monday mix
Here’s a sneak peek of the colors of yarn of a crochet project I started last week. Hopefully, I’ll finish it soon and then I’ll post a photo of the finished project.

Here’s wishing you all a lovely week of sunshine & smiles.


12 thoughts on “Monday Mix – 4-7-2014

  1. 1. That owl is impressive! 2. You should make some wine out of those dandelions. It’s pure sunshine in a bottle.


    • Thanks Stich Boom Bang
      Welcome to my blog.
      I’m glad you like our resident owl, it’s a fun little fowl to see.
      I hadn’t thought of dandelion wine… mmm might be an idea worth considering, that’s something to think about. lol
      Thanks for visiting and leaving me a fun comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  2. You have a busy morning going on, E.C.! Cute little owl; I’ve never seen one in real life., Our pear trees are in full bloom right now. We’re having a rainy day, though, so they’ll probably lose some blooms in this weather. Love the colors of your next crochet project: can’t wait to see what you’re working on!


    • Thanks Dianna
      The owl is a cutie. It’s not very big at all. We wish we could pet it, but that would be a bad idea. lol
      I bet your pears are gorgeous. The rain and high winds have pretty much stripped all the lovely white petals from our trees.
      I look forward to sharing my new crochet project as soon as I can get it done.
      Hope you’re having a lovely week.


  3. How wonderful to have an owl in residence, when an owl has young is it screehlettes or screechlings I can never remember, sooo envious of your asparagus I love the stuff 🙂


    • Thanks Roma
      It’s alot of fun. It rarely is around when anyone’s visiting. We figure it sees us coming and darts out the back of the barn. Like a cartoon.
      It’s a tough call on the screechlettes or screechlings I figure either is acceptable. lol
      I’ll be cooking the asparagus soon and hopefully it’ll be mighty tasty.


    • Thanks Mel
      We’re tickled pink that Screech is still here. We got our fingers crossed too.
      Isn’t Wildlife so fun and makes for a very happy heart.
      I hope your week is warming up and ya’ll are thawing out.


  4. When I was a little girl, a screech owl flew at the window, coming to the lamp light. Scared me to death, and I never liked to hear them screeching at night after that.

    It still isn’t warm enough here to set out flowers but the irises and daylilies are growing quickly.

    Beautiful colored yarns; anxious to see your creation.


    • Oh my Charlotte
      An owl flying in would definitely give me the shivers too. Oddly we haven’t heard the screech of the owl. I suspect it’s because we go to sleep before it takes off hunting. Yep, we barely make it through supper. lol
      I can’t hardly wait til last frost so we can start gardening. My husband got the onions planted, but it’s too cold for anything else we plan to plant.
      Thanks so much for the compliment on my colors of yarn. They remind me of sherbert for some reason or maybe cotton candy.
      I hope to be posting my finished project soon.


  5. Cute owl! It looks like things are growing. I found a nice clump of dandelions, too. They always do well, don’t they?


    • Thanks Patti
      Oh sweet, I hope your dandelions are announcing that Spring has finally sprung into full fashion. There’s a lot of good things about dandelions. I’ve heard they’re nutritious, but I’ve never been brave-enough to try them. I agree, They do grow wonderfully. 🙂


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