Just A Quick Post

IMG_9878I just wanted to pop in and say Hi and tell you all that thankfully it was a gorgeous weekend. The weather was really nice. We stayed outside as much as possible.
IMG_9859My husband made a new flower bed by the back porch.
It’s charming right now, hopefully it’ll be really pretty when the flowers take root and start growing.

This all for me at the moment. 😉

Wishing you all a wonderful week.


6 thoughts on “Just A Quick Post

  1. So pretty, going to be beautiful once the flowers take root, you will have to post a new pictures once they are in full bloom E.C. your husband did a great job on the beds. Glad you had great weather for it.


  2. It was so nice to have a pretty weekend – we had HALF of a nice one. We had rain on Saturday. The flowerbed is so pretty; please share photos of it later when the plants have GROWN!


  3. Your garden is looking a delight, I’ve just been for a walk around mine, oh dear I need to get to work out there LOL


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